Why no Wi-Fi support?

Congratulations on your successful introduction of the Prime 4, it really blows everything out of the water

I must admit I’m surprised that Wi-Fi was left out.

Being able to send newly purchased tracks to the unit and remote control it from a phone/tablet would be very nice, and considering the amount of features it seems like a strange omission

WiFi would also make it easier to add streaming later on as you could just set up your phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot so the device would have access to the internet and streaming from whatever providers you would support

It’s likely in there but not activated. Just like the SC’s.

Why? Because every other competitor has it? Because Prime units have all other features like linking with EP software on laptop via link?

Sorry, but Denon offers a amazing unit and you are still able to find “flaws”… I won’t even mention people who ask for SDJ/Traktor/VDJ integration for a STANDALONE unit just because they are lazy to import their overblown library into EP.


Absolutely fluting agree with you.

A great new model comes out and everyone, whether they have outdated previous rival models or are still sticking to VDJ or even semi decent dj apps just have to have a bash.

WiFi? I hope No one thinks to pass audio over WiFi at an event? WiFi would be the nice way to sync other external devices though


There used to be a time on this forum where posts like this was super frequent…“its a standalone unit…why do you need 40k songs” etc

How is that a concern?

How folks decide to use their paid for products is entirely up to them and no one has the authority to tell them how to use it…Not even Denon.

The beauty of the hardware, use them as it suits your workflow either standalone, with Serato and hopefully other software soon.

I need my bloated library to successfully navigate and keep things fresh at my 2 nights 5 hour each weekly bar residency.

I do not prepare a set, its always freestyle.

I’m not an underground techno house DJ…i play pop, hip hop, afrobeats, reggae, latin, club music.

I need Serato so i can use my videos as well on multiple HD wall panels in the club.

I need Serato because Engine Prime still lacks decent BPM algorithm for the kind of stuff i play.


Sure…unless folks decide not to use a VDJ/Traktor/SDJ controller for that but a STANDALONE (get it?) device and then repeatedly ask manufacturer to divert valuable resources (not to mention ups the price of the unit) to better intergrate it with the software. That screws the standalone users in the long run and also is a shot in the leg by Denon - you will just jump ship as soon as a better/cheaper controller from another manufacturer comes out.


True, but we seem to have the authority to tell Denon how to produce and support there products…

To bad the Serato sticker was on the box and commercial outings. I’d rather have their dev resources on Engine core instead of all the possible import options.

So the product should be designed specifically for one way of DJing.

Whats wrong with a single product with multiple applications?

I think its an advantage…standalone for purists, software use for the rest.


There is nothing wrong with the way one deejays. However, DenonDJ should concentrate on making different levels of hardware and a working Engine Prime. The stand-alone function is not up to par and everyone also wants their specific workflow supported asap…

After that focus on support for other tools, imports, track sync and links.

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This i agree with you

It has been nearly 2 years now.

As a stand-alone unit we should have had Engine done in the first year or at release (debatable) and Rekordbox import to sway large sum of users. Second year Serato (boxed stickered) and other software. After that support for lights, video and extra tools (MPC etc.).

We are now at something of everything for someone sometime and everybody is annoyed. :woozy_face:


Mayhaps the ending should be - and some are still expecting more free stuff. There’s nothing that was said in the box or manual that it would do, that it doesn’t do.

I’ve haven’t seen the Prime 4 box close up yet but I doubt it says anything about everyone’s favourite features added free with firmware updates every 72 hours for the next ten years. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Haha yeah. On the SC box, support for Serato was stated. On the Prime4 release list it says “coming soon”.

In another discussion people noted that “fundamental stuff” should have been in there from the start.

I really appreciate all @mufasa brings to this forum. Always open minded and to the point. No problems there!

I just hope DenonDJ can make some priorities with all the loads of requests being made.

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Thanks :grin:

There has been some updates with EP and it addressed some issues.

Hopefully they keep improving it.

BTW We ve totally hijacked this thread.

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That’s more down to try before you buy, and don’t assume your Essential feature will of course be there :slight_smile:

I didn’t say that it’s a fault, but it IS 2019, and excuse me for wanting the most future proof device possible

If you use the argument “does everyone else have it?” then the prime 4 shouldn’t even be 4 channel standalone, or have an internal SATA Bay, because no one else has it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Besides “all the other” devices are older and we all know that pioneer never puts more new features in a new device than absolutely necessary, and since they are bordering on a monopoly, not much innovation is needed except for dipping into customers pockets every x years

Well its great that you had the opportunity to try it out to its full extent before you decided on buying them

I bought online…and the few fundamental features were not apparent till i owned the units for weeks. I suppose many users will be in this category as well.

I have no regrets, i think the hardware feature set is promising out of the box. I’m hoping denon comes through with a few updates to fully push the Primes (software & hardware) to maximal potential. I think i remember them saying they over engineered the Primes to allow updates.

My experience with the MCX8000 wasn’t great but i still harbour hope that the Primes will make things right.

I will also welcome updates that i havent thought off. I remember when Serato added Flip and beatjump …i was initially like will i ever need these. Now its part of my workflow

The onus is on Denon to implement what they deem fit. We as end users can only suggest things.

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Did I see somewhere that the SC5000 Primes had WiFi in them? I think it was leaked on the FCC site or something, unless I’m mistaken? They are just disabled, dormant until needed one day (if ever).

I can see Prime 4 having the same too.

While i personally agree that Denon should focus on stand alone features, it would be very egotistical to demand this from Denon, or trying to shut up users requesting other features

Stagelinq require a computer, does that mean that it detracts from Prime 4s standalone feature set ?

I actually find it strange btw , “Here’s the worlds best standalone device, oh you want it to control lighting ? then you still need a computer” :smiley: :smiley:

It’s nice to read someone is missing my point and his/her definition of “egotistical”.

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