Why is packing so slow?

Even if I export just 1 single track, it often takes about 10 minutes. The status bar goes part way across and says that its packing, then after a while the file or files eventually copy over. It’s the same if I export 1 or 1000, the initial export does nothing for about 10 minutes (HD is flashing so it’s doing something) then when the files start to copy it’s ok.

You’ve got a problem because packing a file takes almost 1-2 seconds. Packing 500 files takes a minute.

The actual packing of a file takes about 1 second once it starts. For about 10 minutes no files are being copied, it’s as if it is checking all the files against the library first or something. It’s a fairly big library - 20000 songs, but packing one file into a playlist should be instant. I am packing 1000 songs right now and they are going at about 1 per sesnond, but nothing happened apart from the drives flashing for the first 10 minutes

When you click on the job window, what does it say ? Packing with a counter ? I had once this pb of key flashing and flashing ; it was my usb key. I reformatted it and all went good after.

No counter until after about 10 mins. I’m going to rebuild everything from scratch with a new SSD and see if it solves it. Appreciate the help!