Why is Engine Prime so terrible and Denon won't fix it?

Yet again today Engine Prime issues.

A: Load MCX8000 pen drive in Engine B: Select new tracks in Windows and drag to MCX8000 window. Tracks added to Prime C: Select tracks in Prime and Analyze D: Export to MCX8000. It scans every track on the drive (not sure why) then finalizes database.

And then at the end of the export all the new tracks turn red and can’t be played and they’re not present on the pen drive.

This is just one of the many many issues I’ve had with Prime over the years and it’s still a disaster.



I think it’s more probably a case of they can’t rather than they won’t.

They clearly know of all the issues, so I can only guess that the team they have working on the software is struggling and has been for a while.

Dumb question but have you clicked 8000 compatibility in options?

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Yes, absolutely. As stated above I exported to MCX8000.

I’ve gone through this process many many times but this time on two different drives the tracks went red despite having been added and playable minutes earlier.

I had to add and sync them all again and it worked the second time.

With the MCX8000 being a deprecated device, I wouldn’t expect too many resources to be directed toward it’s continued development. Have you looked for other owners of the mcx8000 on Facebook and Reddit for solutions to this issue?

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Deprecated or not it should work with the current Engine Prime as it is still officially supported by Denon.

The software is so unstable. Something will work fine, then not work, then be OK again. I really don’t know how someone with Prime gear can enjoy using it.

It feels like Engine Prime is still in a kind of Beta version. In my case EP is stable, no problems at all. But there are so many simple things that are not there, for example:

  • read rating from music file
  • playcount with each track
  • copy history from usb stick to EP
  • copy created playlists created with hardware to EP
  • smart playlists
  • finding and deleting missing files etc etc

these are just a few of all the requests posted by many of us. In my opinion simple requests which are available in other software. No rocket sience at all…

I really hope denon will take care of these requests


Don’t forget the ability to edit track cover artwork.

It’s strange that for a very long time, when EP starts up, it shows a job running which says it’s updating missing artwork (or something similar) but nothing ever seems to get updated.

Even if it was actually doing something, we have no way of accessing the cover art to add/change etc.

you are so right

I don’t know what’s happening at Denon but I’ve sort of given up hope now. Prime is still a beta product after all this time and I don’t know if I can go on with the hassle of trying to babysit it. I dread loading it up in case something screws up. Engine 1.5 that came with the units was a complete disaster and the new version isn’t really any better.

I absolutely love my MCX8000 units but it’s VDJ that saved them. The standalone player is fine as a backup option but it’s all the problems loading tracks on with with Prime that cause me so much grief.

Hardly a good advertisment for selling new gear to existing customers. I know someone from the company will probably come along and promise the earth as usual but actions speak louder than words and there’s no action.

To put this in to context I bought my first MCX8000 in June 2017 and over 4 years later I’m STILL having software issues. Absolutely ridiculous.


I feel your pain. I’ve bought a few DJ tech lemons over the years. My last being from InMusic too, which also had software related issues, and after near on 18 months I had to cut my losses and sell/trade it on.

Which might not be an ideal situation for you. But it’s been 4 years, so perhaps it’s time to pull the plug. :face_with_head_bandage:

Treat yourself to an upgrade!

I think in the future it will be your only solution to get MCX8000 working, if you often have these problems with Engine Prime. :wink:

From enginedj.com extensible to enginePrime too… seems a bad joke :man_facepalming:

In my experience over the past 2-3 months, I find it’s much easier to use streaming services (Tidal, Beatsource, Soundcloud, etc.) instead of using local content prepared with Engine Prime. I know we’re at the mercy of the internet connection when using streaming, but as far as usability, speed, and efficiency, streaming wins hands down. It does seem that Denon has put more into it’s streaming capability rather than it’s local file & database functionality. Maybe that’s the plan - to move users to streaming services. But again, and I’m repeating this because I know you guys will comment on it, streaming is 100% dependent on your internet connection. And that internet connection is not always fast and reliable. But when it is, it’s golden and you have millions of tracks at your fingertips at your gigs.

Problem is there’s nothing to upgrade to.

The Prime 4 just isn’t for me. Not going to risk turning up at a gig with “peripherals not booting” and it’s far too expensive just to use as a midi controller for VDJ. Also you need to reboot to swap between midi and standalone and that’s a downgrade from the MCX which does it seamlessly.

I suppose it depends on what your needs are. I understand there is nothing to upgrade to from Denon without giving you similar problems. But there are plenty of other controllers around if that’s your bag, i.e. Serato/RekordBox based units that are also supported by VDJ.

Otherwise, I guess you will just have to put up with the problems you have because as I understand it the MCX8000 is like near on 5 years old now and if issues in EP are still not fixed then I don’t think they will be anytime soon. In fact, it would not surprise me if support for it was dropped within the next year or two.

I don’t think it’s an issue with support persay, just that engine Prime has been programmed by 9 year olds.


LOL that’s an insult to 9 year olds. :laughing:

Hey @kradcliffe We apologize you haven’t found a proper solution to this yet. We’ll be happy to take a closer look at your situation and if necessary, have you consult with a technical support agent.

Could you DM me your email, phone number, and name so that we can get you sorted quickly? I’m sure once we’ve found a resolution, we’ll be able to share it with the community.

About 1.5 years ago I switched from pioneer tot Denon. I love the Denon prime series. PROBLEM: they are all in bèta stadium. I worked with rekordbox from the beginning. The first rb version was better designed then the last EP. How is this possible?

Denon is making wonderfull DJ equipment. It feels its all Just 90% finished.