Why has Denon disowned its headphones and monitor.s

The DenonDj website has zero mention of any of the dj headphones line or the Sm-50 monitors it manufactured just 4 years ago. Is there a reason they are distancing themselves from these older products insofar that they don’t have the manuals or any information in the knowledge base about them. It seems that any info has been scrubbed since I can find links for info that are empty pages.

What tech specs did you want to know ?

I was able to find some info with some deep searching and manuallib online. My issue is one monitor is slightly quiter than the other. I was hoping the knowledge base has info on setting up with different room orientations bases on the different controls available.

Hi @dj_ziio, welcome to the forum!

Looking at the list of legacy products on the current revamped website, I think it’s simply a “to-do”.

Maybe it’s a good idea to contact support to get the info you seek:

Denon DJ Global Support

Didn’t all speaker products got transfered to Alto brand? Regarding headphones: they were always…not their best products to be very diplomatic :wink: