Why does my USB drive, think the music is from dropbox?

Can someone explain to me why a USB drive, thinks all the songs in this playlist are from Dropbox? Honestly… that situation in the screenshot, should never happen and is definitely a bug… I get that you’ll try to explain that it’s user error because of some complexity that’s being taughted as a feature… but the way sync works has to be the biggest flaw in your software.

Why would I want to see a collection that’s an aggregate of multiple sources. That demonstrates a lack of understanding DJ workflows… You should have to either select “all sources” or individual sources as the first step… vs burying it at the bottom of the second panel. Sources are primary, lists are secondary, music should be tertiary.

I really wish you’d fix this because I see constant confusion in the FB groups over this.

Not a user error.

When a track is streamed from any of the stream services ie beatsource, tidal, souncloud etc…its added to the usb stick database.

I’m guessing tis the same with streaming from dropbox…i could be wrong