Why Do Denon not Answer their Phones Ref Warranty

Been trying for 2 weeks now to get someone to answer a phone – Fantastic customer service I think not

Best to email instead = pandemic

Posting here as it’s related: It is super disappointing that in nearly a month of trying, I have yet to recieve any kind of response from email or support tickets for an issue I’m having with my MC7000. I did recieve a response on Facebook however this has not been followed up by actual support. I’m basically totally without support on this issue at this point.

Hi @woodyo - Sorry to hear you are having trouble contacting our support team.

Could you tell me which number you tried calling and at what day/time?

didn’t work for me either. no reply at all but the customer survey mail 2 weeks later arrived just fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Denon should bin any plans for releasing new hardware until they get this support situation sorted out once and for all. It’s ridiculous !!! When you look through older posts, it’s apparent that these delayed response or no response support calls and emails are not new and are not just during covid.

How many support staff are at Rhode Island this year , compared to last year or the year before?

It’s a situation that needs rectifying urgently

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