Who is the first one

… to get their hands on the P4 from the dealer :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the SC5000/ X1800 setup, so I’m not waiting for the P4, but I want to see that happy face when the lucky No 1 gets it… Bring it on :sunglasses:


Mine is out for delivery with FedEx. Maybe me?


LUCKY☝️Share Ur Hand On Review After Getting It


Will do. I’ll have some time this weekend to get my first impressions together. Currently in the process of moving my Rekordbox collection into Engine Prime, and then figuring out how to migrate that all onto the SSD I’ll be installing in the drive bay.


Just delivered!


Awesome! Enjoy!

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You lucky man lol

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Did you get any sleep? :joy:

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Congratulations :+1:

We want some raw footage dude :grin::grin:

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So all those stories about the prime 4 “Now shipping” were true after all. Oh yeah!

Spent more time trying to troubleshoot moving my Rekordbox library over using DECU than actually using the device. Wanted to keep my beatgrids and such in place rather than let EP do its thing. Finally resorted to exporting a Rekordbox USD to play around with it while my laptop analyzes my library. Still having trouble getting album artwork and other things to show up with DECU, so I may just let EP bring the library in and spend some time fixing beatgrids and setting cues. At least the artwork and crates are working correctly with the EP import.

Edit: I’ve resolved the issue with DECU thanks to their great support. I had missed a notice of a bug in EP 1.3.1. The re-import function won’t bring in tags or artwork in 1.3.1. The fix is to use 1.2.3 for that step.

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where did you bought Where do you live

Preordered from AGIPRODJ on January 17th. I live in Southern California. Got some good time in with the Prime 4 last night with some friends and it definitely lives up to the hype. My other setups are a DDJ-RZX (at home) and a DJM900NXS2 and Technics (leave this at a friends place). The Prime will definitely be replacing the RZX as the workflow is just so much easier on the Prime. I really like the search functionality, browsing, overall build quality and the sound quality from the P4. You guys won’t be disappointed.


Same thing with the SC5000M with regards to artwork using d e c u.

Has anyone ordered with Amazon?

Anyone else got theirs yet?

when using D E C U you must use EP 1.2.3 as there is an issue in EP 1.3.1 with re-importing track info.

This is not a D E C U issue but an EP issue.

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I thought I would have seen a bunch of unpacking videos on YouTube at this time :roll_eyes:

Looks like only 1 person as got theirs so far lol