White Colour LED on SC5000

I have noticed white LED Jog Wheel’s and performance pads on the 5000’s… Can someone enlighten me please? lol How do i change the colour on mine? Im hoping its not the mixer’s doing…

The jog ring is lit up in white as a feedback when it’s touched. Therefore you can’t select it as a standard ring color.

Hi, yes i am aware that. But i have seen photographs that suggest the opposite. Just wanting to understand. Perhaps its the photo… But just today i have seen photo’s of Tiesto’s rig as a example of this.

The platter rings also change colour when the deck/layer is on-air eg: when a fader on the x1800 Prime is lifted.

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would be nice to deactivate this function. I would prefer to see my chosen Deck-Colour overtime, even when it is “off air”.

I really love the on/off-air colour feedback. You do know that your layer button is constantly lit up with the pre-assigned layer colour, right?

Maybe but i do not like it. For My Workflow it would be better permanently coloured.

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I am new to the SC5000M, could you explain in more detail why my jogwheel color is white when ive set it up with a different color?

Try to bring the fader up :slightly_smiling_face: If its in “ON AIR” mode, its White when faders are down, but as soon as you bring them up, the jogwheel changes color

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T. Hanks for your reply!

Did it work?

Yeah i see what you mean that the colour goes white whenever the fader is brought to a minimum. However i have noticed another thing, when i turn the fader all the way down while playing a track, the track goes back to the start of the track, if i then bring it back up the track starts playing from the start.

Is this some kind of setting that i accidentally turned on or is turned on by default? On pioneer the track keeps playing so you are able to keep playing and switching between tracks.

Can i change this somewhere?

Thats because of Fader-start is activated :slight_smile: You will have to disable that - then the track will continue playing, but you will have to press Play to get it to play, and not just turn up the faders.

Hope it makes sence :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah okey i got it now, nice that it could be disabled!

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Just remember that tracks will NOT start when you turn up the fader now :slightly_smiling_face:

I only use Fader-start when I do radioshows, because then I can time it with my speak without pressing play- not on gigs.

Yeah, just how i like it. :slight_smile:

Even if i want to use newer setups with lots of functionality i still like to do some things manually, such as pressing the que or play button. :stuck_out_tongue: One more feature i am missing is that the top (white) beatmatching bar doesn’t move unless you turn on sync, i would still want to see the top (white) beatmatching bar to move when playing two tracks, so i can have some visual feedback when trying to sync myself using the que button.

But yeah, i guess the players functionality will be improved over time as long as Denon listens to the community.

Since one the SC5000’s i bought just didn’t start up when i got it along with reading about all the issues that other people have had with the players i am quite worried. I’m still not sure if i should return them and go for a pioneer setup instead or take the plunge with the Denon setup and hope for the best.

But thanks for explaining how to solve the crossfader and channelfader problem!

I´m glad to help :slight_smile:

Well regarding the Pioneer vs Denon, I´m all in for Denon - so stick around m8.

Most of the times I feel they listen - especially Jason (JWILL) is a guy I respect 100% - I dont always agree with him, and he doesnt always agree with me (which he shouldnt) but he can take it, when I share my points of view, and we´ve had some good discussions during the last couple of years. And Nekoro is really good as well.

I´m just the kind of type that speak my mind and dont just kiss a## :smiley: :smiley: Which can be seen in some (many) of my posts :smile:

I have the SC5000´s myself, and I feel really strong about these units - sometimes updates unforgenetly takes ages, and there are som really basic stuff that the units still haven´t improved with after all this time. (Cross my fingers that it will happen)

But for now, I would not change them for anything else…(for now)

I dont use the beatmatching bar, so thats not a issue for me. But I actually think there is a feature request for it, the way you want it - if not, then make a feature request. :+1:

Hope you got it fixed with the one that didnt start up.

Have a great weekend.

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Hello @Sven, I hope everyone’s support helped you arrive to a solution. If that’s the case, please click that ‘Solution’ button so this thread be closed and archived. If not, let’s continue to support further.