Whether to get an X1800 or not?

Yesterday I updated the firmware, and it went all right at the first attempt, no problem. Now I wonder and ask you this thing … My set up is made up of 2 - SC5000 and a Pioneer 900SRT. In theory I should not have any problems when Serato will be ready, also because my mixer is dedicated to Serato. Or should I take an X1800 to have an ideal ecosystem? :smiley:

Will you need quantized FX and the color coded cue buttons?

I wouldn’t upgrade. It’s not that X1800 is not a better mixer but the amount of $$$ you’ll have to add is not worth it IMHO. Maybe later if X1800 ever gets TSP certification and the posibility to connect to Engine Prime on a PC via ethernet port that would kinda tip the balance in favor of replacing?


The X1800 is a great mixer (love mine) BUT to upgrade over the 900, unless you get a really good trade in price, SlayForMoney’s answer is spot on.


ok guys, thanks for the answers

They’re correct. I love the full PRIME ecosystem and the dual USB interfacees on the top-right corner of the mixer. I use one for adding Maschine or Ableton at times. If I already owned a nice 4 channel mixer, I would have hesitated before buying the X1800. Now that I have it, the integration is clutch & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have the X1800 and now I’m back to using my xone DB4 as my daily driver. I just don’t understand how a $1900 mixer has such bad sounding efx, [My Opinion]. I own the Behringer DDM4000 mixer for $400 and that mixer has better sounding efx, than the x1800. The reverb even with firmware update, is the worst I ever heard on any of the many mixer I ever owned and I’m not a heavy reverb user. I can deal with the echo on the sweep efx, but on the main efx the echo and ping pong echo is very harsh to listen to. Plus the frequency knob don’t allow you to control the sweet spot on none of the efxs. It’s either to much or not enough. It’s heart breaking because other than the efxs. I like the mixer because it’s great for mixing house and the crossfader is great for scratching and cutting. The sound is punchy with warmth and the x1800 compliment the sc5000 so beautifully.

I can always get around the on board efx, by connecting a kaoss pad 2,3 or a pioneer EFX-1000 I own to the x1800. I even thought, since the x1800 has a midi connection for maybe a master clock, syncing the BPM. I can connect and daisy chain a couple of alesis studio effects racks I own, to the x1800 and It will probably stomp, I know it will stomp the DB4 effects in comparision and the bpm will be sync. I don’t have to worry about effects drifting. As a matter of fact. I think I might try that.

I already have so many mixers and other gear collecting dust, hardly used and I wish I was still in x1800 purchase returned time period. If I was, the x1800 will back at sweetwaters.

It’s undersandable that the first person that is not satisfied with FX’s is a A&H fan :smiley: They spoiled you mate :smiley: All I can add is that they made a mistake by removing the resonance/parameter knob from the faceplate from the prototype, that would enable users to dial in the FX to the sweetspot each time.

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As seen in the last firmware update, the effects can be enhanced and even added to, with the additions of HaLLecho and Bitcrush.

However effects are only a percentage of any gig. If a mixer came out with startling amazing incredible effects, but sounded like every un-effected song was playing through a kazoo, it wouldn’t be picked by many.

If the whole nights sound output is important, and lets face it, it so really really is, then the x1800 makes perfect sense on the most important score: sound quality.

Add to that the benefits of linking Prime units together, such as not only synchronised effects, but synchronised pitch movements, track sync, cue button colour flow, on-air indication, digital linking and the darn impressive depth of user preset menu options on the x1800 screens and the x1800 is a perfect choice.

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My opinion, I could do without all those features that’s on the x1800, today’s DJ rely on. I considered those a crutch. I learn how to DJ in high school in the 80’s on very, very limited equipment compared to today. My ears, hearing and hands was the main features and the turntables and mixer was my tools used in mixing music. I buy the latest gear for the technology and the lust of having what’s offered new.

Like I mention before, the x1800 is a good mixer, that handle high output and it’s has punchy warmth for a digital mixer. But, I have quite a few mixer in my presents that could accomplice the same. When the first time I laid eyes on the x1800. I was not interested in it, because I have the pioneer s9 for mixing hiphop and the DB4 for mixing house with a pair of pioneer xdj-1000mk1s. But, since I grab a pair of sc5000, which has the layer track feature. I figured the x1800 be best for both genre and it keep me from swapping out mixers. The feature that caught my attention the most, was the effects syncing with the decks bpm. So I can punch in the echo, gate and loop roll for example without drift or chance of it being off and have to manual set it, like with other mixers I own. Which I have no problems on that matter. I’m disappointed the x1800 right hand corner is dedicated to using and controlling effects with a touch strip included. But, the sound of the effects is so cheesy, I rather for the effects to be not included at all. I owned plenty of denon cd decks of the past that has better echo, reverb, flange and phaser sound quality effects on board. As I type this post. I could look over to a Denon DN-D9000 dual cd deck that I refuse to let go for playing around with cds. Has better effects on board.

Just imagine the 8 cue buttons on the sc5000 was sloppy and laggy when you want to use them. Well, I guess you can let it ride, since the sc5000 has no problem playing media files. But the biggest selling point is the 8 cue buttons, bringing controller function and performance to stand alone deck. Without the 8 cue buttons and the layer feature, the sc5000 is denon version of the xdj-1000.

My opinion the same. Don’t offer effects with all the bells and whistle on a mixer as a selling point and effects itself false short and sound harsh. I like to see a day when you can swap out effects chip on a mixer. Like the old days amps with warmer tubes.

Heavie - perhaps you could send in your x1800 serial number, together with place and date of purchase, as you seem to be listing things that no-one else, worldwide, is finding. I’ll then be happy to look into your purchase and perceived performance differences .


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Gee_DenonDJ, I might be interpreting you reply wrong. So I’m going to apologize now. I’m not trying to be complicated.

[1] Do you have a way I can instant message you the information through this forum or email? I don’t want to give up my serial and other information in public.

[2] I purchase the mixer in july. A week or two after purchasing the sc5000. I don’t fill the mixer has any malfunction for a replacement. I’m just not a fan of the sound from the on board efx chip. Maybe my opinion may seem to be directed to a glitch in the hardware. I’m quite sure a second unit would sound the same to me.

[3] Now the miss interpreting part. When you replied [I’ll then be happy to look into your purchase and perceived performance differences]. I got this small tickle in my mind. Since I’m the only one to post about this mixer in this manner worldwide, that maybe. Just maybe, I don’t actually own the mixer and I’m here to troll.

I purchase $7900 worth of gear into inmusic pockets this past summer. That include the Akai MPCX, 2 Denon SC5000 and the X1800. I’m not the type to nick pick on any of my purchases and I’m not a consumer who like to [raw,raw,raw] become a cheerleader for a purchase product either. If I find a fault with something. I usually keep quiet about it and go to forum to see if someone else has the same issues and wait for a update peacefully. Every once in a while a product I purchase, that I really enjoy using. Have a fault that push me to point of conclusion. I should had saved my money. Took the wind out of my sail and place a reminder in my brain. Don’t buy from them again and when someone post a question. Should I buy, I express my opinion.

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That indeed is the reason for my request of serial number and purchase details. Through the purchase details, which you can send me via Private message on the forum (quite right that you don’t want to put the details up publocally) , I can check to see whether the standard warranty is in place, or whether a particular dealer/distributor has offered something extra byvway of a separate/3rd party warranty or service plan etc.

It may be something as straight forward a poorly wet/dry pot or connection on your one specific, individual mixer, which you’re experiencing.

Gee, I sent you a image of my information a few days ago, by private message. I haven’t heard back from. Did you receive it?

Yes I did thanks. My suggestion would be a side by side comparison between your x1800 and a shops x1800

That isn’t entirely true - and it’s the exact statement the MPC tech support guy used when I pointed out flaws in the MPC Live.

… which is the reason I returned my MPC Live. That is not the best response by any means, and it’s often untrue. The issue I discovered with the MPC Live now has dozens of threads on multiple forums.

The same will be true with fx on the x1800 as more people dig into it, unless the firmware is updated to solve some of the issues.

I think a better strategy is to say “thanks for your feedback, sorry you aren’t getting along with ___ on your mixer” and make a concerted effort to put the x1800 next to other competitors to see why some of us have complaints with various components of the FX. Granted, the other comments on other discussions point out specific issues with the implementation of the fx - aside from “they don’t sound as good as ___” but he isn’t the only person in the world to send criticism or complaints about the FX on the X1800.

You guys made a great product in the Prime standalone kit- but the fx on the x1800 are the Achille’s heel - if the prime desktop software is ignored in the discussion. Please work on it! Otherwise this amazing setup will end up with a bad reputation & the next iteration of Pioneer will take the wave of customers away from this otherwise amazing product.

You know I speak the truth on that last bit. We’re trying to help you guys help us- and yourselves. It’s all with the best of intentions!


The mixer is cool and full of potential BUT the existing effects sound completely terrible and some important ones are simply missing. Denon really needs to update them.

Hint: Listen to the Pioneer effects and make exact copies of those for the X1800.

Say what you want about Pioneer, but these guys know how to make great sounding effects.


Now, first of all, I’m not the FX using kind of DJ. So I really don’t miss anything. True, I use the HP/LP filter and the WashOut effect, but mostly none of the other ones. Not to be completely blindsided that other DJ’s rely on those FX, the power of the X1800 is it’s digital nature. They can change the algorithms.

One thing I want to add to my comment is the fact that the mixer’s hardware sounds really really good. I’ve used RME audio interfaces since 1997 and I personally like the near equivalent transparent and clean sound the X1800 produces. The mixer does a great job when making long blends.

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The mixer does have great SOUND and the faders feel right to me. If you’re using external gear that needs to be synced by MIDI, I’d test one out at GC or similar dealer before purchase, just to make sure they get along.

In the end I completed the Denon setup, now it’s complete. The X1800 arrived and I’m discovering it slowly. At the moment I am more than satisfied, we will see with the passing of the days how I will find myself. Made the update and everything went ok. Now my DJM 900SRT only works with the Technics 1210MK2, also because it is always a Mr. mixer and it would be a bad thing to send it to retirement.