Where'd my Beast Mode SC5000 feature request go?

Where’d my Beast Mode SC5000 feature request go? It was there and now it’s gone. I received no systems flag on it if it was deleted or hidden.


BTW, here is the Rane 62 in Beast Mode for those who think this is unprecedented and ridiculous:


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It’s my opinion, and we’re all entitled to our opinion, that the beast mode suggestion was just an attempt at humour, rather than a real suggestion. The sort of post that only the original poster and their alias would vote for…

That’s my opinion anyhow

Was not an attempt at humor… other than the Bill & Ted comment at the end.

Mods - please delete one of these two posts . It double posted and I can’t delete either of the posts thanks

I only see one post by you

You want to be a little more specific about what you’re implying here?

BTW, a true Loudness Meter (as opposed to simple dBVu & peak metering) is not something that can be easily done in realtime outside of the player. The player is also the best spot for dynamics control that such metering is useful in aiding, especially an expander gate. Paradise Garage had adjustable compression/expansion available, as well as several other amazing sound controls in the booth downstream from the source (usually vinyl), but if you know anything about altering dynamics and seeing realtime RMS, onboard is the ticket nowadays with digital.

Pre-echo is completely impossible to do in realtime outside of the player end as it needs to use as the FX audio the music that you haven’t even played that’s ahead in time.

If the track is buffered and FFT-like analysis is already going on, all of this should be a breeze. Heck, maybe they could even throw in declipping if they have enough throughput capacity on these things available… at least when expansion is in-effect and the slider is right-of-center.

Platinum Notes has expander and declipping, but is prep stuff you have to do ahead of time and requires you resave the file, which is suboptimal for lossy formats since you will lose additional quality unless you save in lossless, which will then massively increase utilized-storage for most people… to say nothing of the time spent doing the prep work.