Where do I get my MC4000 Repaired?

So I’m on my Third Denon DJ MC4000.

My first one is still running, but has an issue every now and then. I’ve noticed there’s a short somewhere in the Volume fader area of the board. Because every now and then the music will just cut out. Then cut in and out. and also, if I press down on the metal near the left Volume fader, I can hear it through the music… So I believe a solder is loose… Anyway… It’s funny how I fix it… I’m like Fonzi… I just hit it with the middle finger knuck of my fist, and it’s back in action. But I just bought a New one, because my last show, it acted up on me and I was really embarrassed. I love this controller, and I’m not giving up on it.

It has one other issue and that is, the Left first “Cue” Trigger Pad has to be push very very hard. I’ve resolved this by just making Cue 2 My cue for all my downbeats… but it’s still annoying.

So having these kind of issues, just after my 1 year warranty has expired… What are my options in getting it repaired the right way? I live in the Nashville, TN Area, and need a Location or Repair Facility to mail it to.

Please help.

Thanks So Much.


Sorry you’re having issues with your MC4000.

It sounds like your product may need to be serviced. Warranty and non-warranty claims are not handled here on the forum, but I can point you in the right direction to help you out! Here are a couple of options that you could choose from:

  • Submit a Warranty Claim or Service Inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging on to www.denondj.com/support. Select Warranty Claim or Service Inquiry from the drop-down menu.


  • For quicker support, call your nearest Support Office. An experienced support agent can assist you over the phone. Their office contact numbers are listed on that page.

I hope this helps!

Make sure to reference or link this thread to assist the support team.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.