Where do I find my Endorsement and Voucher

Ok, Where do I find my Endorsement and Voucher for the SC5000 ? Please email me the B2B Code for buy two non motorized SC 5000 and get the DJ mixer for free , that’s a good start , even though we need 4 Media players for , We are Controlling Transmissions After-hours Radio on the Los Angeles FM Dial , 95.5 KLOS , we do not need the motorized version , and we Already talked to GC and our Discount will cover the other two Media players , please help! Cheers.

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The free mixer he only available with the motorised version. It seem people wanted the middle platter color display more than retro motor spins


Was there an official Denon statement about this? Many people (including me) have asked why this promotion is not for the normal SC5000, but I have not seen an answer to that.

I got the 5000 pair instead of the 5000m as I really wouldn’t get the “benefit” of the motor.

I did my stint for years on technics SL1200s but went to standalone as soon as I could. But the motor no longer held any special meaning or need any more. Pitch bend buttons was all I needed.

So the ordinary 5000 had the platter display for album art or DJ logos (I use it for the bride and groom first names as a handy way of not forgetting those)

Maybe denon over estimated how big (not) the most recent vinyl revival was going to be and need more space for s5000 and want to get rid of the 5000ms to make that space.