When will this cumbersome way of working become a thing of the past?

To use my music in the Denon Prime 4 correctly, I still have to take the following steps to get it correctly on my built-in SSD. Without annoying differences in volume between the different MP3 and with automatically set Cue points. I have used:

  1. Platinum Notes 4 to prevent my music from peaking.
  2. Mixed in key 8.5 to provide my mp3 with bpm-key AND especially with cue points, which otherwise would be missing in Engine Prime.
  3. Serato DJ Pro to crate my music To be able to export in:
  4. Engine Prime 1.3.4 and then export to my SSD ??? Is this method still necessary today to play my music via Prime 4? Do you have any idea when this working method will be a thing of the past? Please Denon DJ, that would be very nice.

These extra steps are ones that you’re choosing to add in yourself.

Different songs, from different purchase sources will have different signal levels. The whole reason for the Gain knob and LED VU meter on each channel is to enable you, the DJ, to match the different and varied signal”levels from each and whatever source.

Key is handled well already by engine prime and by the prime 4 itself already

Bpm checking IS next to useless on some types of decent music and on dum and bass, I’ll give you that . But better checking of bpm on Engine prime and engine prime is firmware is supposed to be coming soon. It’s been “coming soon” for years and is apparently now “just around the corner”. In a year or so, I’m sure it will be “So damn close you can practically taste it” , and a year after that it’ll be “only a gnats whisker away from release”

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Yes that is completely Antchi and what would it be nice, if all that could be done with 1 program namely Engine Prime?

That’s where we are right now :man_technologist:t5:

Like this

You can start a feature request for Mixed In key support. I don’t think there is one yet.


I’ll say that translate into a spongy soft beta version of it by summer 2022 then. I’ve given up getting any hope up on denons timeline estimates. We’d stand more accuracy by reading a horoscope