When will the InMusic family all become One with EP

So inMusic the parent company for a family of brands of varying audio products used in the DJ/Music Production scene.

Denon DJ / Rane / Numark are the main three in question here. I know there are other brands within the family, but right now I’m going to keep it simple and just stick with these three, as those are the brands aimed at the DJ scene.

It would make sense to me if these three got together and set a plan out for the likes of Rane and Numark to gain Engine Prime access at some point.

If Engine Prime is to truly grow and convert other DJ’s from other software, then in my humble opinion opening up to other brands within the same parent company only makes sense when moving forward and growing/progressing over the years.

I could see Numark using their own painted version of engine prime, if any of the Numark products are advanced enough to be able to make use of the various good features that engine prime has to offer.

But as engine prime gets more and more advanced, I don’t even see the mcx8000 being able to keep up, let alone any of the Numark models.

And Rane? Well that’s a different sort of user. Not sure what percentage of rane users would feel the benefit of flexigrid, 8 cue points , especially on such a tiny mixer screen

No, I agree older controllers would be a no, no. What I am suggesting would be a newline of EP ready hardware from Rane/Numark. Built especially for EP use.

And yes some changes would need to be made to keep the Rane users happy, but imho EP needs to address the no scratch/sample bank issues anyway and this would be a great way or incentive to do so in the long-term.

Laptop use and HID possibilities perhaps for Engine Prime.

Lol. who knows

It would be really cool to see Engine Prime grow into full fledged DJ Software. Rane could use it as a replacement for Serato with their Devices, and Numark could do the same. Consumers would love it, as most have really grown tired of paying the “Serato Tax” anyway.

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Development teams cost money, I am sure Denon would do a Denon tax too :wink:

Not forgetting Stanton whom have been newly added to In music portfolio. I believe Stanton holds the software rights to decadance so who knows where that can lead.

Anyways Expo 21 happening on 19th Aug. New treats on the horizon?? Mmm

I realise Stanton is under the InMusic family too, but I did not include them as I’ve not seen them make any sort of serious plays in the DJ scene for a long-long time other than Turntables.

I completely forgot about Deckadance as I think most DJ’s have :rofl:

I used to think this was the plan from day 1 when inMusic took over DenonDJ brand and then suddenly went from Engine 1.5.2 to Engine Prime 1.0 just to have the software done in-house by AirMusic, even loosing some functionality. They took a 1-2 years step back with that.

But then streaming came and I believe inMusic decided the way is standalone only (notice no mk2/3 models for the mc7000, mc6000 - their most successful controllers).

Why streaming? Because they either get or will get $$$ from royalty payments and seling your database info this way. Think what Pioneer tried to do with KUVO.

I had the same thoughts back in January 2018.

In my opinion, having used Engine Prime for about 14 months, I think the goal of inMusic is to go full stream ahead (pun intended). While Engine Prime/Engine OS is great for prepping for gigs, I find the streaming services are already loaded with everything you’d need. Now it’d be nice to keep everything on a hard drive, but I’ve found that once you load up Engine Prime with music, at a certain point, it gets so slow that’s it’s unusable at a gig. That number is currently around 50K tracks. I know people will say, “why do you need 50K tracks?” It’s just like asking why do you need a truckload of vinyl. You want to be prepared for anything at a gig. Well, streaming services give you access to millions of tracks. Today, provided you have a good internet connection, you could walk into a venue and turn on your Prime controller, log in to your streaming service and do the entire gig. The good thing about this is that the artists of the songs you play will be paid. And money talks.