When will it be compatible with Serato Dj?

Denon Prime 4 stock arrives this week and many of our clients only play video (in Chile 98% of DJs play only video) and for them it is essential that the machine works with serato, otherwise they will not buy it since Audio does not work for them. This has been the most recurrent question for us as a store. The other question is that they have realized that they do not have the sampler button on the pad and they also ask me if in the Serato update they could assign a pad layer for this purpose and if they will have a dedicated volume control or direct hira to the master. And as a third requirement: the request of all the clients is that they launch a team that directly reads videos (mp4) so as not to depend on a computer. (We have many potential customers for this change that would be a blow to the other manufacturers)

Juan, as far as when will it be compatible, that is a question for Serato. They just released Beta for SDJ, which does not have support for Prime4. They are well aware of the promise and desire to add, but it sounds like it is going to be a while.

The Prime 4 will play MP4 files (first thing I tested), so the question is can the Prime 4 route the video out?

Denon, is it possible to route video out of the USB, and then use a USB to HDMI adaptor? Or any other way, I’m not too picky. Or is the Serato integration supposed to be the path for video?

No Serato support yet.

Your customers have to make an informed decision based on this.

I’m not sure how well this will do. I do video djing as well and I like the flexibility and customisation that software video mixing solutions such that can be found in Mixemergency, Serato Video and Virtual DJ.

A hardware only video mixing solution like the Pioneer DDJ RZX is not good enough and will be too expensive to be successful.

I will rather spend that money on a top end laptop and video djing software.

Robert, there is no new hardware support in this release. There are plans to include Denon Prime 4 hardware support in the future release, but it is not currently ready.

This say Serato about new beta version.

Hi @Juan, thank you for your post.

Unfortunately PRIME 4 does not support video out but when the Serato integration comes you will be able to use PRIME 4 control video files in Serato. Please note we cannot give a date when this will happen and the development side is being completed with Serato.

Regards J

Yes, I understand the whole situation, but for us as a store in Chile that sells pirme 4 it is of utmost importance and security that what all customers see in the page of denon that says compatible with serato dj is true. From what I see so far is not compatible and this slows sales and the desicion to acquire this new model of denon dj. Every day we receive a lot of consultations if it is or will be compatible with serato and unfortunately I have no answers for my clients. So it’s best not to put in the denon page that will be compatible since it makes you believe something that is not ready yet and maybe never is. But if it really is going to be compatible better to say: it will be compatible in 3 months in the next update and so the customers will already know it in advance and they will be able to buy their unit without any problem waiting for the update. But this information must be official from both denon dj and serato (these releases are always working together) Well it is too much to say that for customers who do not play video this is not a problem.