When does the big streaming update will come?

Hi there

Denon announced some month ago, that there will be a big update comming for streaming services this summer …

Now it is august … when will it be ?

Next year ? - Summer is nearly over …

With some luck, they probably would try to announce/ demonstrate it around the DJ EXPO… Or else, this summer could meen sometimes before Christmas. :joy:

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That sounds possible to me. And before Christmas … xdd - yea could also late summer xddd

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:joy: Ohh so its their summer!!! I see… Well, guess we’ll have to wait to after Christmas then :wink:

But honestly, I dont mind the wait for the Streaming function… I would rather they spend the time giving us a better beat grid editing on the units! And I will go bananas if they once more launch a update for the Prime 4 without including the SC5000s.


Yea i know … when I was around 12, I spend Christmas Holiday in Australia … Was an interesting experience to spend my time in pool by singing christmas songs xddd.

I wish we had also visited New Zealand. :heart:

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