When can we edit bpm on the prime 4 ?

When can we edit bpm on the prime 4 ? My laptop broke and I decided to get a prime 4 as it was a all in one unit even bought a ssd hard drive thinking that I wouldn’t need a laptop but from what I have seen I can’t edit the bpm for the tracks I record onto the hard drive from my vinly collection Is the only way to do this still through a laptop and would that mean recording the track to hard drive then copying it to a usb stick editing it on a laptop then put it back onto the usb stick and then back to prime 4? And would the track replace the original recording or will it just change the original recording Please add that feature as it’s not really a stand alone unit without it


There’s probably a feature request for it (possibly under the SC5000 category though), search and upvote it - the more upvotes the greater chance it has of becoming a reality