What's new in the new firmware?

As the release of a new firmware for the MCX8000 is imminent (the one that went to beta test in February 2020, I would like to know what the additions or changes have been made compared to the previous version. Maybe there are new and useful functions, or what defects have been accommodated.

They won’t tell you until the release. Simple as that. The beta testers are under NDA so they can’t tell you either.

Denon only tell such things in the release notes that are in the zip file in the download of the new firmware.

My guess is : stagelinq connection and a meagre few very small bug tweaks.

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somehow, I think if they added that function 4 years after the release of the unit, that it would be like a slap in the face for the owners :joy:

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Better than 5 years - which is a milestone I’ll think prime owners will reach before they’ve got even 10% of features they’ve been asking for since day 1 (maybe day 2 )

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So from what I understand, the MCX8000 would require some functions that have never been included in previous firmware?

I would suspect it will be bug fixes only.

I don’t think there’s Much room left inside the mcx for any new functions. But they’ve been promising stagelinq since before inmusic took over the mcx8000 from the original denon DJ company and there was a beta test just finished for mcx firmware six they must have been testing something but I think just tweaks

Even on the new ones Stagelinq is plastered all over the box. I bought one in November and did have a good laugh.

Believe it or not I was quite excited about Stagelinq when I got my first MCX but gave up waiting. I got a pair of Chauvet professional moving heads and a Showxpress dongle and that does the job brilliantly.

I did try Soundswitch but I just couldn’t get my head around what it is supposed to do.

Well I really really really hope they fix, history tracking, SLIP not acting weird from time to time and the mind of its own the last firmware 2.1 has. Besides that, everything is working excellent.

Love this controller, with a perfect firmware, there would be no match for this controller.

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