What update should be released next?

I’ve put this in the general area as some people might want to say Engine Prime which is software, rather than Engine OS firmware.

Let’s not put answers in here asking for new hardware, like a 200 pad sampler biscuit maker. And let’s not put answers here for requests that had already been staff commented as “Will not implement” ( or “cannot implement” would be a nice distinction)

What about the updates that are already worked on in progress?

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Do you mean that you think there are some features that are ready to be released, just the right people in Denon are not around at the moment to release that firmware to us all ?

Think he means (but cant say for sure ofc) that Denon probably already are working on stuff behind the scenes that we have no idea of what is. So maybe some of the ideas that comes up here in this thread, are covered in the next release.

Dont know for sure, but as Jwill earlier has mentioned the BPM stuff just around the corner, I´ll vote for a improvement on that part - both on the players and in EP hopefully :slight_smile:

And then the pre-activation of loops are still very High on my wishlist :pray:


You are correct my friend :slight_smile:

I think about this exactly as You said - we know, they are doing something, but what it will be… we will see hopefully soon.

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My brother from another…country :smiley: But sorry, didnt intend to answer on your behalf. Just guessing :slight_smile:

Wait, what? Did I miss something? Where did you see that mention?

Live stream with Jason Q and A recently.

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Do you know if there is any link or something to view it?

I think it was the video of him mentioning it was on digital dj tips q&a

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I think so too… Should be somewhere on Digital dj tips facebook possibly.

I have found the video in the dj tips facebook, many thanks. JWill says that DenonDJ has a number of exciting releases “just around the corner”, and he says that they are working on flexible beatgrids (controlled from Engine Prime and from the hardware), but these will be available “in a near future”…

Well, let’s wait then :slight_smile:


What are they cornering around though … Mars .? :wink:

( and no, no-one mention a planet starting with a U )

‘Just around the corner’ in this case, means that we are feature complete for the next release and actively testing with our private beta team. Once we’re free and clear of any new issues, we’ll get the release out the door for everyone. :slight_smile:


So as the firmware will definately be coming out (sometime) and the features are locked , there’s no reason not to confirm what is in the update, since, telling us, won’t be changing anything… as the features are, as you say, locked.

If it’s not those industry leading beatgrids and bpm that have been hinted at for so long then that’s one thing. If it’s just another streaming service gets added next to tidal and a few misc little bug fixes then that’s another thing altogether.

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What do you mean with the “pre-activation of loops”? Sounds quiet interesting :slight_smile:

We had one software version where it was possible to activate a loop before you started the track from another position. So when the play-marker came to the chosen loop , it automatically started looping.

It was great. :slightly_smiling_face:


+1 For active loops

yeah, I did mention this on QA with Phil Morse on Digital DJ Tips and he asked JWill. Hopefully its soon

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Soon ??? Some of the firmware and software things that denon has labelled as “soon” have taken almost 4 years, and counting.

If denon ever find space to add a real time clock on prime models, I’d expect every minute to contain 2000 seconds

But fingers crossed - primes got the potential to flamethrower the other options