What to call the Denon DJ Prime player firmware poll. Vote now!

  • Call the firmware Prime OS to avoid confusion with Engine Prime.
  • Call the firmware Engine OS as InMusic has just announced.

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They have already lanched it, Reticuli… Lets not start a debate over this to :slight_smile:

Focus on firmware and software now, Denon :slight_smile:

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The computer laptop software is called Engine Prime, two words.

so a poll suggestive to call the marching firmware by the first of those words or the second of those words opposite of what Denon have already defined and announced the firmware name to now be, is just baffling.

We need to call it whatever denon have called it, and denon have called the firmware inside all there model to be Prime OS

It’s just a name. They can change a name without too much problem. I’ve already seen three instances of people getting confused by the topic on these forums, and people on these forums are relatively well-informed compared to the general public. I don’t think it would take large amounts of resources to switch it.

Think you got that one upside down, my friend. Its called EngineOS

You seem to have voted wrong for what you intended.

I voted for calling it what why Denon have called it. It doesn’t need another name

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Ok… what’s this, then? The new name for the firmware officially now is Engine OS. The computer software is Engine Prime. I’m suggesting the firmware be called Prime OS. I really am not hugely affected by it. I know what’s what, but clearly people have been getting confused and this seems like a logical, quick way to resolve it.

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Reticuli… He (Christopia) wrote the wrong thing… So…

let it go, let it go…


Most of them were thinking it was new type of firmware, did not read, made assumptions, jumped to conclusions or simply were over-thinking it all.

All devices have the word “engine” stamped on it. So EngineOS is what it is supposed to be. DenonDJ made this choice. End of discussion.

Or do we need to start a poll for SC5050 also?

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They should call the computer software Engine DJ and be done with it :grimacing:

I think the computer software should just be called Engine again simply, but apparently they can’t make it fully compatible with older models prior to the MCX8000 or something.

Engine OS - I’ll go for that

Is there an extra long version of “Disney Frozen”? It seems like it’s Reticlls favourite movie, and if it keeps him quiet and offline for a few hours then it’s bonus

Reticuli, why You are trying to overcomplicate things? We know what Denon announced, we agree with it. If someone can’t read and understand what is reading, will get confused. Cant understand what is written? Maybe more education is needed for that fellow? We are here to help if someone will get lost. Need our help? Ask, we are happy help :slight_smile:

Ok, but calling the firmware Prime OS on the Prime players would seem to easily immediately alleviate all confusion with the minimum of effort, would it not?

ENGINE OS - Devices

ENGINE PRIME - Computers

What is complicated here? Simple as drawing a dot.


And the entire line is called Denon DJ “Prime.” Right. Nothing confusing there. :roll_eyes:

Nope… Think straight. You are most of the times trying to overcomplicate things, by saying it will be easier that way. Come on, give them a break. Denon should focus on making the software as good as possible, not on making names better for You.

Just trying to help here. They just changed the name and already like four people got confused by it… people on the forum who are better informed than the average joe on the street.

That only means, they are not reading good. Announcement was clear and simple.