What the helc happen to the old forum?

DJ JAMS here one of the original members of denon dj from the usa. I was a moderator here for a long time with mike and silvio. I was sadden to here silvio left denon dj. I have a renewed hope for denon as im buying a mc8000 to go with all my other denn gear. pioneer bad Denon good. I seem t have lost my original user name and password. Heres a question I have for the 8000. it says engine can run on 2 usb flash drives. however my music is about 2tbs can ihook up external drives instead and do i need to clone one for the b deck.

our original denon dj forums crew at remix hotel 10/2003 cconsisted of dj shy, dj AL. myself DJ Jams and silvio and mike from uk and alan from canada

Hi DJ Jams

The old forum was hosted by a large web company who accidently deleted a huge number of active webpages and forums a few years back during a “tidy up” of their systems and much of the original forum was lost.

The old forum also didnt offer much in terms of security, and suffered from adverts for pharmaceutical products, designer goods, IP spoofers and other spam, so the new forum was born on a far more secure platform.

Welcome back !