What’s with the Changing words


What’s with the various different words that get displayed in the utility/ prefs menu screen?

I’ve not made a note of them but I’ve seen several different combinations of words, all keeping the S and C prefix on the SC5000.

These little games must take programming time (away from the programming that’s well overdue now) what gives?

pS: close the topic if you don’t want it talked about but if it’s old news ad already been discussed, can you give us all the link to the topic it has already been discussed in please, so us new-to-the-forum peeps can read about it too. Nothing comes up with forum search

This Easter Egg is there since the first version 3 years ago…

Closing this topic as it adds nothing we don’t already know. Yes I’m waiting also, yes it takes time; maybe too long, maybe not.

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