What’s the best way to play with key?

I use the option Camelot and I’m trying to playing harmonic mixing with the same key of track But most of the time the tracks are very very different despite into the same key value (8A with 8A for example . Did I do anything wrong ?

I am also using camelot notation. The principal of this wheel is, that good sounding tracks are mostly one step up or down (example: 3A to 3B or opposite way) and one step forward or backward (example 3A to 2A or 4A, also 8B will mix good with 7B or 9B but also with 8A - one step up/down). This way tracks are matched in key good for the ear and sound natural in the mix. Give this a try.

Along with what was said by NoiseRise, you can generally mix a song from within 3 steps of the current song. By doing a 3-step jump up (Afm to Fm) will, generally increase energy, while going down (F#m to Am) will lower energy. Obviously some tracks are just meant to bang, but this is a general idea but overall advanced concept of “floor management”

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A piano with a piano, in the same key or not, almost never works. Vocals either work brilliantly, or again, just clash. Key mixing won’t help this, you just need to use your ears to what works and what doesn’t. Key mixing works best when in the more “beaty” parts of your mix, with simple melodies and baselines (usually swapping those out). Less is more, even in key mixing.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you can have lots going on and it just works. They are the magic mixes that make the hairs stand up, but need ears, not software.


Thanks guys for the technical support Yes yeltsin I totally agree that at the end , despite the “rules” you ear and knowledge of the track make it magical and fluid I was wondering this cause when engine read the files , it gives me a menu of track in the scale range (8 A - 9A - 8B ) that for my personal taste and knowledge they will never mean to blend together

I have found that u can also go to opposite sides of the clock too, like 2-8 3-9… its trial and error too, and sometimes the key is wrong. I have songs that mixed in key call as 8a but prime calls as 4a.

Try 4b into 12a.

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Never play two vocals over each other, 99% of the time it doesnt work. Only when the vocals pop up at different times can it work.

Spot on, almost like one is harmonising for the other.

Yeah I’ve heard it explained loads of ways, but it’s like they respond to each other / answer each other.

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The best way is to experiment and mix close on the key a to b e to f etc…

Indeed that s another topic I opened some day ago The keys and bpm in the menu lists are not the same when you upload the track

This fucks up a bit the flow of the mix But yeah I think that knowing your track and have ears will create the best personalized set I will try the key you suggest

There was an update not so long ago that forced the software to read the tags because the bpm detection can be off in songs, I think that may also apply to the key detection too.