What PA do you use?

Just wondering, for those people who play live, what PA they’re going into.

I do weddings & corporate so lug my PA with me most of the time. It’s a Behringer Ultradrive LMS into 2 Matrix amps driving Ohm BR-12 tops and either BRS-12 or TRS-118 bins, depending on the size of the gig

MCX8000 directly in to Bose F1 subs and tops. Compact but powerful and all fits in a car.

Yeah compact is not really something I can relate to! I can fit all mine in the car, but I have no travel left on the suspension and the car’s ability to change speed is dampened somewhat!

I’ve got a pair each of the following

  • EV EKX 12P
  • EV EKX 15SP

Scale according to event or pub.

One man load job too with a dolly.

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Mine’s a one man load too, but I feel significantly less manly lying in a puddle of sweat with aching arms and back after moving mine!

Any particular reason you prefer the passive set up?

Yep - setting gain structure. I run input to mixer, channel faders and mixer output all at 0db and then turn my amps up or down as the night progresses.

Also, if a channel on my amp goes down, I know how to bodge it to get me going quickly again with all speakers playing. Powered speakers would take more work. Finally, amps get hot so I don’t think the best place to put them is inside a speaker enclosure! I have played with powered ones, but I just prefer the extra control of separate amps.

i have an “older” system with 2 pcs of Tops from Mackie SRM 450 V2 / 12", 2 pcs of Mackie SWA 18" 800W RMS Subs, and for some night drives at home 2 pcs of Adam A7X.


I’m running either Yorkville NX-55’s or Yorkville PS12’s. Can put a pair of Yorkville LS-720’s underneath them if needs be. Yorkville from the beginning Yorkville till I die!


I have a pair of nx600 & mp1610 mixer. Yorkville was the only choice for me for over 20 years. The presonus air 10’s were the only other brand.

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We’re both Canadian so it makes sense!

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