What new gear are you hoping to gain in 2022?

Show off what you want or what you got! I love the excitement gear bring! I’m going to add my Reverb.com Wishlist as an example! Feel free to add links, share this post or whatever your heart desires :kissing_heart: I’ve learned so much this past year and want to continue my knowledge and growth. With that being said send me some links to helpful articles or youtube videos that stuck out to you.

Cheers to my new family here at Denon! :beers: :champagne:


Hoping the CDJ3000’s I ordered back in August finally get delivered.


a 6 or 7kw rig :slight_smile:

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The new Vestax DCR-2500F parametric isolator looks really cool. Not a cheap unit, but it has some unique features.


What is the price?

There are a few units on eBay, going between $735-$800 + shipping from Japan + import duties. Not exactly a steal, but more capable than any other standalone iso on the market.

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At that price point, why not go modular. I bet it sounds amazing like all of Vestax’s HiFi kit. Just curious as there are some seriously amazing modular parametric eq’s right around or less than this price point.

Do you have a specific product in mind? What do you mean by modular? 19" rack mount units?

500 series racks. I have a SSL Ultraviolet which would be an EQ example.


TBH I wouldn’t know how to integrate that into my DJ setup…

Same way as the vestax. 500 cases have inputs and outputs too. There’s also single unit cases and rack mount cases if that’s more comfortable.

I don’t use mine for deejaying, but have played with using em on my send/return.


Sweet! Thanks for explaining!

I’m just happy to see Vestax back in the game. Speaking of back in the game, I was going to buy that Ecler Rotary, but I’m not exactly thrilled with what they came up with, so I decided against it. I’m going to try to get a Condesa Rotary this year. I want a Carmen V but with a crossfader. Problem is, it doesn’t look like there is room for one. I know they have made a Lucia with a crossfader, so I may just settle for that. But, I really want that 4 channel. They do take on custom builds, so once I get all the loot saved up, I’ll email them and make that request. Hopefully, they can pull it off.


Well, I am thinking about getting more denon decks again… :smile: But also on my radar is Akai MPC X and Ableton Push 2 - but this one still in deciding cons and pros… I am also thinking (dreaming) about Xone DB4… We see what this year brings…

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I’ve had Push 2 for several years now. It’s great for Ableton Live users as it’s an extension of the software. It actually improves the whole experience of using Live.

On my radar is an Akai APC40 mkII to use with Resolume.

I used Maschine Jam and Akai APC mini with Arkaos media server - works cool, but due to being not happy with Maschine software Jam got sold with Maschine plus as a bundle.