What is the purpose behind duplicating collection tracks when device plugged in?


I have my main EP collection on my HDD. When i plug an engine prime USB into my laptop, the collection shows duplicates - basically all of the tracks on my HDD & the tracks that i previously exported onto the USB.

What is the point of this? it makes a mess of my collection view and provides no obvious value.

The user experience for syncing to USB is very troublesome (crate drag & drop goes to wrong parent crate etc), and i have gone back to Rekordbox until this software improves.

Any insight on why the software behaves like this would be welcomed.


StereoHead, You’re not the first person to make this observation. We’re working on improving this and further separating out local and ejectable drive collections.

Track Duplication Problem

that’s good to know. thanks for the update :sunglasses: