What is the function of these two buttons in the SC5000? Does anybody use them?

Hi, after a year and a half of using the SC5000, I’ve realized that there are two buttons that I have never used.

They are the left and right arrows (just above the 7th and 8th pads, below the slip button, and to the right of the slicer button).

The SC5000 user manual says that they are for controlling pad-mode parameters, depending on which pad mode the user is (hotcue, loop, roll, slicer). However, no more details are given. And I don’t know which parameters they are referring to.

Does Anybody use them? In which way?

When using the slicer/roll mode etc the left and right arrow buttons lengthen and shorten the slices/rolls, while you’re holding down a pad

Hold down a pad with one finger, then try using the left and right arrow buttons, you’ll hear the differences


Thanks @S_Anderson! No more functions than that?

Top of my head

In controller mode, the parameter button does the following

Pitch Play serato - it shifts the page between going up in semitones or down or a page you have both up and down.

Serato Flip - Right button triggers and retrievers a saved flip, Left Hutton to start recording a flip.

Sampler - To switch banks

Thanks @mufasa, I have never used the SC5000 in controller mode.

Loop modes: Use the parameter buttons to shift the loop region forward or backward by the current loop size.

Slicer mode: Use the parameter buttons to change the length of the repeats. Hold Shift and use the parameter buttons to change the length of the slices.

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