What is the depth of the Prime 4's footprint (excluding the screen)?


The dimensions online show the depth as 496mm, but it does not say whether this is with the screen laid flat or not. I have a shelf that is 400mm deep. Will the Prime 4 fit on the shelf with the screen up or will I need to think about another shelf?

Sadly, there isn’t anywhere local to me that I can go an look at one.



Without the connectors and screen flat it’s already more than 43cm deep front to back.

I would pick a 50cm shelf. You need room for cabling. Furthermore, I would also get a Decksaver which requires the screen to be flat anyway.

Great, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a similar question and would like to get a better idea of the dimensions without taking into account the screen and cabling. What is the depth of the unit based on measuring the underside (i.e. from front edge to back edge)? Thanks.

430mm (not including any protruding parts).

Many thanks.

Just for the records: For those who are using an IKEA Kallax (8x): The Prime 4 and two turntables will not fit. At least not completly. You can do that but the TT`s will hang over a little. However they still work like that :wink: