What if we "brick" our device during an update?

Not to paint the devil to walls, but - what if we brick our device during an update ? is that possible, or is there anyway a methode to come back to normal mode ?

Hope the system is failsave against failed updates …

can you please answer to take some fears :shushing_face::heart_eyes:

Hey DJ Dark,

That’s a reasonable question to ask.

Let me start by saying that I’m not aware of a single unit (and that’s counting not only Prime 4s, but SC5000s and SC5000Ms as well) that ever been put into a non-recoverable state because of a firmware update.

We have several safeguards in place, so that even if an update were to fail in the middle (via power loss or other catastrophe) the player would still be able to be put back into the update mode to flash again.

I hope that puts some of your fears to rest.


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Perfect. Thats the answer I wanted to hear. I asked, because I was in Bootscreen - where the player stuck. So I hold the Power Button for a few seconds … and after that it took me again to tthe update sequence.

Is that the right way to get to the update after fail, or do we have another fail proof key combination to get right to that mode ?

The recommended procedure to boot directly into firmware update mode is as follows:

  1. Place both feet firmly on ground, shoulder width apart.
  2. (Optional) Give thanks to your deity of choice.
  3. Hold the eject button while turning the unit on again.

Edit: I have spoken with the developers and they tell me that step 1 is also optional.


:rofl::joy::rofl: nice answer xddd

@AIRVince i think one of my customers managed to brick one last week, nu button works so there is no way of getting to utility and reboot in update mode. WhatsApp Video 2019-09-12 at 14.56.42.mp4 (4.0 MB)

If the eject button was faulty anyway, then it’s stands to reason that procedures involving eject wouldn’t go to plan


“Brick” is generally understood to mean a failure during an update process which results in a device not being able to recover. ie: The device no longer boots and the user can not put it back into firmware update mode.

What I see in the video is different, although still certainly an issue. It seems that the control surface did not come online. If a reboot does not solve this, I would encourage your customer to contact customer support to get this resolved.


We managed to put it into update mode with eject + power on, but the update doesn’t look like is happening on the controller side. I think the controller chip/bord doesn’t comunicate with the rest. we’ll open it up and see what we find, maybe take a front panel from a new unit that we have as demo in the showroom and see if that one works.

If you have any ideas or encountered smth similar, please do advise.

thank you.

For warranty sake, I wouldn’t open up the Prime4 yet.

We are a Denon distributor.

So…no certified technical service partner?

The distributor in my country exchanges the unit on the spot or will send the defective unit under RMA to Ratingen. Only out of warranties might be repaired in house, but not with parts of another boxed Prime4.

It is a case of “out of warranty”.