What if... a SC3000 concept

What if Denon would release a Entry Level Media player that is a smaller version of SC5000 and with jog sized as Prime 4 and with only single layer??


They’ve done similar things before but o think Prime might be different. Cutting off a few inches off of the body width or depth might save a few dollars on materials but the soul of prime is the processor that gives it standalone analysing, and that great responsive touch display.

There’s also the idea that, if they made the whole unit smaller, they’d have to shrink the display by the same percentage - meaning they couldn’t use their fav touch colour screen part, which is used on some of their akai and headrush gear as well as Denon DJ gear.

The processor and display costs will be the same even in a smaller case with smaller platter.

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I agree with @S_Anderson. I could be nice, but a bit of a waste in resources at the moment. I guess it will not come to life.

It could have been a nice addition a year ago, but I think the M’s and Prime4 development was a better choice to pursue.


To be clear, that is not something I want, it was just an idea on how maybe a smaller prime could look like maybe?? And of course to speculate over the idea.


If you’re thinking about a smaller unit for a cheaper price it would have to lose more than just pads. You would have to remove all pads, wifi, left with only 1 set of rca 1 usb port and 1 ethernet port

Still a lot of volume, weight, cables, and cost to build. The amount of hardware that would have to be inside this thing anyway, not to mention the fact its size wouldn’t be a whole lot smaller, makes me think this isn’t the best idea. It’s just slightly smaller and with most of the same cost to build. The 5000s have already been, unfortunately, drastically dropped in sale price by InMusic. Early adopters aren’t happy about it, but prospective buyers certainly should be.

I think a more rational next product would be a Versadeck-size Prime 2 that could fit in a backpack. An SC3000 system can’t do that. Prime 4 can’t do that. I don’t know about you, but that’s important to me for when I need to be truly mobile. This would be much smaller and lighter than the whole separates system (the one that’s out or the version you’re asking for) or the even-more-underpriced Prime 4 (that isn’t actually that much lighter or smaller than the separates), and could run off a single ARM chip from a single 5000, probably.

With all the things that a Prime 4 can do for its cheap price, we can only guess what each of the four audio channels in the mixer section costs. Should we say €50 per channel? If so, then a Prime 2 would be only a tiny €100 less than a Prime 4.

Take off a few more Prime 4 goodies, like booth/zone, WiFi streaming, Ethernet port, a mic channel maybe, lose the internal effects, lose the platter screens? Analysis only on PC not onboard?

Maybe that lot would take about another €150 euros off of the prime 4 price, so €250 euros cheaper than a prime 4?

I’d probably pay the extra and go for the four. But maybe the marketing loss leader idea on this would be to drop a machine like this stripped back “Prime 2” at not just €250 euros off, but maybe €500 euros off to bring it down to a price for almost every pocket, swelling ownership and Engine ecosystem uptake.

Good move !

I think the booth, wifi, ethernet port, and at least one mic should stay on a Prime 2. I’m talking basically the internal processing and memory of an SC5000 could probably do it. I would assume that the Prime 4 uses a bigger ARM chip and has more memory than a single 5000, but that’s a guess. This could even use the SC5000’s screen.

Denon could make a xdj 700 type unit. I think the dn-s 1200 was a very capable unit which sold very well and it was less than $500.

I do think something’s in the works for a more basic unit.

You can already buy b-stock and used SC5000s for the price of the XDJ-700. What are you looking for, further directly undercutting the sales of the flagship standalones? Some are already noticing the analog outs sound better in some situations than the digital ones and the existing jog design has had various issues. You come out with a slightly smaller unit without the SPDIF and with a different jog and it’s going to look like some kind of replacement update model.

I’m at a loss here. How do you figure a cheap basic unit could undercut sales.

When the prime series was announced I had zero interest in it. Didn’t like the sc5000 before and still don’t like it now. I only purchased the M because it has a spinning platter. Would you say that the M undercut the non M?

There is market for a basic unit for those who would never buy the flagship models. That’s not undercutting.

With the rest of the comment you didn’t bother quoting…

Yeah I read it. People making a crucial decision on gear will give up pads, wifi, dual layers because they took away spdif and made a better jogwheel on a basic unit and called it an upgrade.

I took what you said as sarcasm.

I don’t think pioneer had those concerns when they rolled out the xdj700.

Anyway, if a basic unit rolls out from Denon, it makes no difference to me.

The XDJ-700 doesn’t improve on the XDJ-1000’s jog wheel and Pioneer’s SPDIF is bit-perfect at zero pitch.

At some point they will still release the following

  • Mid Range Media Player (SC3xxx) [This May not have a motorized version]

  • 2 Channel Mixer (X1600 Prime) [Probably no onboard LAN hub, no digital rca, but may have a USB hub]

  • 2 Channel All in one unit (Prime 2)

  • Engine Prime will become a full DJ suite [That 10million investment in NZ]

It’s an inevitable business decision.

PS I’m speculating about the feature set of these future hardware

The alternate prediction…I will keep this to myself

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I’m thinking along the same lines mufasa. Bringing out lower tier after the flagship release seems to be standard operating procedures.

I don’t think that 16, 17, 18 year olds will afford any of the Prime series as of now.

Speculation is fun though.