What brand PSU (power supply) with the MCX8000?

Hi all you good MCX8000 owning folks out there.

I was in the process of reconnecting my unit after being unable to do much with for a while due to office refurbishing. The power supply unit (psu) got separated from the unit. I found what I think is the correct one (connector and power rating all check out), but it’s not working. I tested with my multimeter and it is just not giving enough voltage.

Unfortunately many equipment comes with third-party PSUs that are not labeled with the company name, in this case Denon. It’s become a habit to use one of those lettering thingies to label the PSUs I have so I don’t have this exact problem I am having now LOL.

In the case of the MCX8000 I hadn’t come around to it yet (was in a hurry to hook it up when I got it and it has been moved around the house several times since, always with the PSU on top of the decksaver.

So if one of you could check yours and let me know if the brand is FSP Group Inc. It’s a 12V DC, 5.0A output. And the Partnumber is 9NA0605379.

If this is indeed the right PSU, I can stop looking for one and just accept this one is shot and needs to be returned under warranty.

Thanks in advance and Happy Easter Weekend to all!

That’s the correct one!! - FSP Group 12V 5.0A

Thought so, thank you!

This seems like a good moment to try sourcing a spare one too. Always carry one in my cable crate. Mobile DJ-ing=triple redundancy :slight_smile:

@any Denon staff: can they be ordered from somewhere “official” or is it each man/woman to his/her own?

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Being the impatient guy that I am LOL …

The adapter has an FSP model-number FSP060-DIBAN2 (very small print on the adapter near the top LOL). However a newer model has been released, see below details at Amazon:

I found the original ones in Holland (where I live) for about half the price on Amazon. Not sure why that is.

Hope this is helpful for MCX8000 users.

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Is the above power supply available on Amazon ? And is that the correct one for the mcx8000?

I would like to purchase a back up power supply. Thanks

Hopefully someone from the Denon Staff confirms it. I already ordered one locally (The Netherlands) which should come in today. Will post results.

If you’re located outside of the US, you can order a replacement power supply by connecting with your international distributor,

I hope this helps!

Nah, he’s in Germany and I am in Holland. Too much hassle.


Seriously though. Just got the unit it. It’s exactly the same, with two important distinctions, one positive (I think), one not so much (also imho).

  1. The lead from the actual adapter to the controller is about twice as thick as the one on the original one. With electronic leads, bigger is always better in my book.
  2. It comes with 6 different tips. Which is nice if you need to attach it to various gear. But if you use it with only one, not so nice as it no longer only has a risk of coming out of the controller entirely, but also the plug and the cable can disconnect. Granted, our good friend Gaffa is always there to help, but still.

That said. I am always amazed how this kind of equipment is still delivered with “inline” connectors (i.e. the connectors sits in the same direction as the cable) instead of 90-degree bent connectors. This really diminishes the chances of breaking your cable. So, to solve point 2) above and optimize my connection, I will just cut of the current connector bit, strip the cable, mount a 90-degree connector and … voila!

P.S. The best news is that I plugged it in and the controller came on immediately!

Just make sure you have the polarity correct before you solder on the 90-degree plug.

Good point, thanks! Center + it is :slight_smile:

Here is one I found on ebay available to ship from here in the USA.