What Are Your Thoughts

So what are your thoughts so far on the Prime 4 for the people that have received the unit.

My thoughts so far is that its a solid unit but let down massively by the Prime Engine software.

Coming from Serato to Engine Prime it just doesnt feel good at all.

Issue 1. When loading tracks into the Prime 4 while connecting to your PC unless there in some sort of folder or added to a collection the Prime 4 will not pick them up at all. Even the Prime Engine software will not analyse them either unless in a collection. This is no issue on Serato at all.

Issue 2. When in the Prime 4 and you are wanting to look for a new tune to play at random and its say in a folder it doesnt show any of the details of the track like key or bpm only the track name. The only way is to hold your finger down on the track to get the details which sometimes aint there or you have to add it to a prepare list. This is kinda annoying to me because it stops me doing mixes and just adding random songs in like i would do when using my old DDJ SX.

Issue 3. BPM range. Like someone else as posted in this forums the BPM range you have 5 selections to chose from. But depending on what you choose some of your track will just be wrong BPM like 60 will be 120 and 70 will be 140. At 1st i really didnt notice untill i saw that post and checked so now im going to have to mess and see if i can sort it to my taste.

Issue 4. Sound FX. when playing a track and you try add some of the sound FX to it 9 outa 10 times it will either turn my tracks volume off or it will just stutter the track. Ive tried different things with it but it always ends up doing the same. Anyone else have this issue?.

Well so far thats my 4 major gripes with the Prime 4 and thats just after 2 days with the unit so i will be testing it a bit more later. But overall its a nice built piece of kit just let down by not so great software. I hope we can eventually use it with other softwares.


Hey @Ghastous thanks for posting. Sorry to hear that you are having ‘issues’ with your PRIME 4, may I direct you to our Bug Reports section where you can formally submit these issues? Goto the link below and first check to see if other PRIME 4 users are experiencing similar problems…if not, feel free to start a new thread so we can track it and solve it!


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Yup feel same way, it would be nice if track info would be in the track header of the current track that’s loaded, not just title of track.the track header doesn’t change until you load the next track and only being in library in the center you lose it once you start looking for your next track. But over all a solid unit.