What are the specs on the USB cable for the MCX8000

Hey guys, I was watching a DJcity video discussion on the MCX8000, and the host of the video said that the MCX8000 is sending and receiving loads of data. So he suggested a high quality USB cable. whith that said i am a mobile DJ and believe in always having a back up so I would like like to get a replace and have it with me just in case. I know there is Prime, but I just wanted to get the specs of the cable being used by Denon. If anyone knows? Thanks


chances are the cable supplied isn’t that great, mine failed within a few months of buying my mcx, just look for premium usb cables, i use gold connectors etc, but i doubt it makes a huge difference as it’s only usb 2 anyway

DJTT Croma cables are known to be a quality choice.

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The MCX8000 ships with a industry standard USB A-B 2.0 cables, they support data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps.

If you are looking for a higher quality USB cable, I would recommend the Chroma cables as well.

Chroma USB Cables

In case you’re in a hurry for a new usb cable, I can tell you telecom operators often deliver wi-fi routers that have a hi-quality usb cable in the box. Blue coloured, with strain relief and very good shielded, not to mention optimized for high bandwith. Very similar to the ones that Denon supplies with SC5000 units.