Wenn can we expect software / firmware updates?

Wenn can we expect software updates for the firmware of the SC5000 and the Engine Prime Software. Will this be in days, weeks of mouths??


It must be close now, fingers crossed :sunglasses: Waiting since may…

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One of the biggest websites for DJ gear reviews still hasn’t published a review of the entire Prime lineup. If they have any business sense, they will hurry with updates before that review is up.


Hi Denon Folks.

Last time this question has been asked the answer was: ‘I like December’. Meanwhile December is over. Which month you like most now? Or was December 2018 meant? :wink:



Patience. It’s coming.

@Gee_DenonDJ why is this topic moved from the Engine Prime (software) area to the hardware side of the forum.

The Original topic was specifically referring to Engine Prime, we have seen a few firmware updates, and of course more are appreciated, but we have not yet seen an update of the Engine Prime software and a lot of owners, incl myself, are anxiously awating the first update of Engine Prime.


I simply put the lone, new thread into an existing thread, which is titled software / firmware.