Weird sort order if you order your list by key


If you sort your music list by key for example, I get the range of 8-12 and then 1-7 after 12. My collection is from Engine Prime. I find this behaviour quite odd. Any idea why this happen?

It’s sorted correctly by one of the other music key display choices eg: open format, Camelot etc

Prime only stores it’s key tag in one music format, but will swap that tag to different numbers, letters etc depending on what preference choice you’ve set in your menu presets. So they’re in the right order as the tag goes, but look out of order once the machine has displayed your preference.

Like if:

Music key 7 = A Music key 2 = B Music key 1 = C

If you sort by numeric ascending key - but ask the display to show the letters - you’ll see C B A

So what does this really mean? It cant display the order i chose in preference when i set the setting to display?

I mean: If my settings says display key in 1, 2 3, etc, the players wont sort in this order? If so, perhaps i should request this as something they should allow.

I think there’s already a request in the request section for different key sorting options , but check yourself, to be sure. You definitely don’t want to create a duplicate request topic

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Maybe due the 8B relating to C Major which is a root note and start of a Chromatic scale


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Base C is the starting point of the chromatic scale. For musicians/producers it makes more sense to start with C (8B) as this is how we learn to read and play music.

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I hope they make an option for this so we can choose both.