We can't even rename root folders without losing file locations

I am at my wits end with library management in Engine Prime. We can’t even rename root folders on our external harddrives without all of the files turning red in Engine Prime. At this point it is completely unacceptable that file relocation isn’t a feature. I haven’t been able to reorganize any of my folders/crates in three years because of this hindrance.

The Denon technician said to me, “People should have different harddrives for each dj programs/denon”, which is why they don’t have efficient library management functions. How out of touch are you??! This is completely inaccurate, Denon is just out of touch that people use more than one dj software/hardware. Tons of people on here same the same thing. JUST IMPLEMENT THIS DENON ■■■?!!?!

@Jay_DenonDJ Come on dude, this is the most requested feature on the software request section…

Here: https://denondjforum.com/t/relocate-missing-tracks/12251

Requested again here: https://denondjforum.com/t/update-existing-crate-and-playlist/14430

Aaaand again here: No option to relocate tracks

And you guys made this poor dude create a function himself because no one except you on the Denon team checks the forum: Relocate, delete missing tracks solution


Already a duplicate request

It’s not a request

It’s a post

Ok it’s a post , one of several posts by the same person, on several different threads , within a few minutes of each other about something that’s already a request

@djbertie is an OG….been an active member since 2017 and knows the lay of the land.


Not wishing to sound facetious, can you not change the root drive back to what it originally was? Does that not then “unread” the tracks?

This is not to suggest a way of relocating lost tracks is not well overdue btw…