Way to make networked player mirror other deck

Have I missed a post on this. The previous networked players and the mcx8000 would follow the playlist / folders of the other player. Is there a way to do this on the SC5000 or is this a feature that has been missed that needs to be included in the next update so that when you change create or folder on one player it’s ready to go on the other

When you say that one player would follow the playlist / crate / folder etc of the other player, do you mean that the “results” list of any crate/folder etc would appear on both players screens - rather than each player being able to show different folder/crate lists?

If so, it would seem that such a setting would have to be offered as a user preference ON/OFF switch as other users are asking for separate lists on separate §layers.

Hi Gee. When using the MCX800 in stand alone or with software ie VDJ / Serato or the SC3900’s networked, when you work through your files on say deck one, deck two will follow the same path, so if you were going to play a set of 90s dance and went to to the folder/crate/playlist the other player would be there ready to follow on. With the SC5000 I have found now way to make this happen which means you have search the folder/crate/playlist on the other player every time. Also to sort them in to the same order as the other deck ie bpm/key/artist so the track are in order on both players until you move to another folder and the other player moves on with it.

Serato with the Prime works that way.

Yeah an option to scroll the library as one will be nice especially when one is just sharing one USB stick between the two players.

Like he said , I myself stick to a crate for sections of the night and work my way up or down using BPM and secondary key sorting .

Will be a nice feature if it can be implemented and whilst you are it…you could consider instant double too for us one handed scratchers :wink:

Maybe we could go for “Instant Quads” as we got Layers on the 5000. As 2 decks gives 4/quad layers. Wouldnt know who could cope with Instant Octs on 4 decks though. theyd have to be an octopus to do that.

Im not sure this mirroring of browsing lists would be the best way forward for everyone, i could see how it could probably slow some people down overall. maybe it would be good if there was a way of abandoning the mirroring and dropping the browsed list back to the start point quickly, or a preset preference option to have mirroring of browsing list switched on or off would be part of this feature if added.