Waveforms on v2.0 look slightly different? Flickering issue?

Is it me or do the waveforms look slightly different on v2.0? Using my SC6000M players now running v2.0, it seems that:

  1. There is a bit more details in the waveform renderings
  2. The scale of the waveform on the Y-axis is slight reduced now that the Browse/Search buttons have been added to the top of the menubar
  3. There seems to be a very subtle flickering / weird scrolling effect on the top / peak of some waves and vertical beat grid lines. This seems to amplify if you pinch/zoom-out where waves are more condensed. Here’s some videos I recorded of the weird flickering, and I actually see the same thing with my own eyes on the screen (it’s not a screen refresh rate / video camera shutter speed issue that some might think) … Don’t recall the waveforms having this issue with v1.x.

FWIW, I watched the Live Q&A session that Phil did on Digital DJ Tips youtube channel with Jason Stout from the Denon Product Marketing team. I thought Jason’s insight around how they reduced the database size down by removing the pre-rendered waveforms was really interesting. Jason went further to state that the OS now renders the waveforms on-the-fly now… I would think that explains some of the subtle differences in the appearance of the waveforms between v1.x and 2.0.

Anyone else seeing this or is it just me?

Yes, I noticed this as well. It also takes a second after you load a track to load the beatgid as well.

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The new waveforms seem more detailed than they were before. It’s difficult to explain but the old waveforms almost looked like they had a thick layer of (green/blue) “snowdrift” over them. I got the impression that the high and low details WERE there but were visually softened or “rounded off” or “averaged”

The old waves seemed like when you write a word with a nice neat pen, then go over it again with a giant highlighter or felt-tip.

The new waveforms seem to show a lot more detail and seem to be able to show much finer details, even very brief changes in high to low or vice versa can now be seen.

Ok, the new waveforms may be less “art” but I think they have more detail.


Totally agree, there is more detail and definition in the peaks / top of the waveforms. It was totally smoothed out which compared to the competition, made the waveforms look less accurate with less sampling points to plot the waves…

I dig the new look / strategy, just wish the flickers get fixed… maybe with some anti-aliasing on the scrolling waveform (that might have an adverse effect and remove detail though)! Or perhaps adjusting the refresh rate on the display to keep up with this new detail scrolling through, if that’s even an option?


Agree, the 2.0 waveforms are better to read. I hope they will redesign the total waveform on the bottom so something similar

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While putting 2.0 through some tests over the weekend I found on my 6000s the flickering only happens at certain zoom levels, try zooming slightly in or out to reduce or eliminate it. Hopefully it’s an easy fix to get rid of it completely via the next minor update…

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You’re right, I noticed this too… Seems to show up when you’re zoomed in more. Also doesn’t seem to happen at the default zoom level/setting when the decks are turned on or when first file is loaded. But if you start zooming in/out, then the flickers appears.