Waveform out of sync with audio!

I haven’t been able to determine what might cause this, but a couple times now I have had songs where the waveform gets wayy out of sync with where the track is actually playing. When it happens it seems to happen later in the song, randomly. Very frustrating, don’t know how to fix it on the fly. Please investigate this!!


HI @sammyjesus, would you be able to provide some more info on this as well as a video?

We good to know if these were analysed on the unit or Engine Prime?

Does it happen with the same song in the same place?

Does this also happen on different decks?

Thank you

@Jay_DenonDJ I will try to get a video next time it happens.

These songs were analyzed in Engine prime.

It does not seem to be an issue with the same songs in the same place. I believe when I reloaded the same song into a new deck and played it again, the waveform was in sync (however I am not 100% sure of this).

I haven’t been able to determine if it is a problem with a specific deck.

UPDATE: After playing around some more, I found a song with a bad waveform. It seems to be a problem with the analyzation. I noticed at the first break in the song, there is a small blank gap in the waveform, and after that gap it is totally out of sync. I went into Engine Prime on my computer and found the song has the same problem in my main collection. I re-analyzed the song and the waveform seems to be correct now.

Thanks for this @sammyjesus - keep me posted on how this goes please.