Waveform ends in the middle of the track


I just had one track loaded to my players where the waveform ended somewhere in the middle of the track (see picture) but the music continued. In the PC software it looks the same. Some days ago I noticed the same for another track. Re-analyzing the track does not solve the problem.

Both tracks with incomplete waveforms are encoded as FLAC. I never observed this for other file formats (MP3, WAV). But it is not a general issue with FLAC files because it does not occur with any other FLAC files that I have tested.

I hope this but will be fixed. I am using Software and Firmware version 1.2.2.

Check the FLAC file. Perhaps it’s a 24bit or 48kHz as difference to the other FLAC’s.

SoundForge has this similar problem for years and years with MP3’s containing tags, but then audio really drops at the end.

Anyway, more info for support would be welcome.

Here are some technical details of the file:

  • Length: 412 seconds
  • Channels: 2
  • Bits per sample: 16
  • Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
  • File Size: 48368025 bytes
  • Average bitrate: 937 kbps
  • Compression Ratio: 66%

It’s not an issue with the file’s flags. The problem still exists if I remove all flags using a software called Mp3Tag.

Okay. And all the files are more or less like this (16bit, 44.1kHz, bitrate)?

It should help identifying the problem by DenonDJ support. Perhaps upload the file to a sharing platform?