Vote for engine prime features for the MCX 8000,


Since they do not want to give new features to the MCX8000 (how to save the ready list in the usb memory) we can at least ask for features in engine prime that make life easier for the owners of an MCX 8000, and post a suggestion ( Function of exporting to MCX 8000 compatible audio format) please vote for it to be included, joining all the owners of the MCX 8000 we can achieve some interesting things I think



My friend, as an 8000 owner I support your cause but Denon has made up their mind on these units. I doubt anymore Engine mods for 8000 are coming. I’m afraid what we see is what we get. Before long you won’t see 8000 in stores anymore either, it’ll be end of run for them. I too would like to see a few more things for the 8000 but it is what it is, it is now a Prime 4 world for Denon.

Why would anyone chose to spend money on a Prime 4 when MCX8000 can perform well doing its job as indented, being a very good Serato controller with the ability to perform well in standalone mode also? Of course there are limitations in standalone mode, but this unit can do its job well enough for what it is, together with its siblings in the MC series. As long as bugs are kept in check, the MCX8000 can be used successfully long term by anyone who can’t afford the price or doesn’t need the “bling” factor of the Prime series. Let’s be real here. Not everyone is a top shelf DJ like Paul Oakenfold and others and the MCX8000 still is a very capable piece of equipment at a competitive price. Furthermore, I can’t consider the MCX8000 an absolete equipment until its Stagelinq capability is put to work and not even then. If anyone thinks that this is something to be ignored, it isn’t, because Denon DJ should deliver what has promised, advertised and charged money for. If not, anyone can ask their money back for the MCX8000 on the grounds of being an unfit and unfinished product. As long as you promise anything, you have to deliver or pay the price.

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You’ve sort of shot yourself in the foot there and sunk your own ship there, with those two opposing comments. The 8000 is capable rather than unfit. Something can’t be both.

Also stagelinq has emerged but the software that’s needed to run it is a bloody awful amount of cash every month - it’s a Porsche socket - only stagegoing festival DJs and their related companies would every really be able to justify that monthly amount - and they’re likely to go more for full Prime gear rather than something that can speak a few basic words of Prime.

The MCX8000, as designed, is a very capable piece of equipment, as a whole product. But, given the fact that its full complement of features should include functioning Stagelinq capability, in legal terms, makes the product incomplete, so it is not what has been presented, advertised, promised and paid for at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t use some of its features because they don’t want to, but the unit must have all its features operational, in general terms, so it can be used to its full potential, if a customer wants to. The bottom line is the MCX8000 development should continue until its full potential is unleashed.

As long as it is advertised on the official website, Denon DJ though their third party partner companies must deliver the functionality.

As for Engine Prime ability to export a library in MCX8000 compatible format, this feature exists, but only if the audio files to be exported are already in MCX8000 supported format. Of course, the question arises: why AAC instead of FLAC? This is for Denon DJ to reply. Personally, I would prefer FLAC (open-source, no license needed) support instead of AAC (royalty fees must be payed, needs licence). For Engine Prime to be able to perform file format conversions, it would require to loose its freeware status, maybe. On the other hand, we can always buy our music in uncompressed format (.wav - it costs more, it is true) and then we can convert the master files in every format we choose to work with.

This is a duplicate topic of yours isn’t it? I’m sure I’ve read your “since we can’t ask for new features on 8000 any more…” on the forum already ???

Fix the text to avoid confusion to Function of conversion to compatible audio format before export for MCX 8000, I know that it is capable of exporting but what I want is that instead of the message of “no files were exported because they are not compatible” propose your conversion and then export them, of course you must dehar the original intact or the new one is saved in mp3 for example but the flac is left intact, vote for this in the forum engine features please, today I will post another request for engine prime related to the mcx800 that I would also support

not for the mcx 8000 but for the prime mover and nobody said that you could not ask for modifications in a prime mover to improve its functionality with the mcx 8000 regards

@El_Corsario If I created confusion, I apologize, but I assumed that anyone who already use an MCX8000 is aware of the fact that Engine Prime software converts and exports a database in a format compatible with MCX8000 and not the audio files.

There is no need to apologize, my English is not very good so maybe the idea is not very clear


The ideea is cristal clear. You propose that Engine Prime to warn the user if it detects audio files not compatible with MCX8000, prior to database export. My opinion is that Denon DJ simply assumed that anyone would check its audio files compatibility with MCX8000 before importing them in Engine Prime library. On the other hand, I don’t think Denon DJ put too much thought about what file formats one choose to use in a third party DJ software to prepare a library. If you are lucky enough to have your prepared files in a MCX8000 compatible format, it is all good. If not, tough luck, you have to work again in order to prepare the cues and loops. Still, it will be of much use if Engine Prime would simply hide, lock or grey out all incompatible audio files when MCX8000 compatibility mode is selected.