Volume Issue


Anyone know why my volume from USB (WAV) is lower than my vinyl when playing across both? I had to have the gain way up on USB tracks to get the same level of input to OBS (through which I was livestreaming).

Also, as a bonus question - is the firmware update worth doing for the Mcx8000 - ie. is there anything earth shatteringly new or important (if you kind of ok with what you have?)

Cheers, AB

You have me confused there: volume when using standalone playback from usb memory is lower than real vinyl - ok, but compared on the unit itself (vu meter) or only when looking at a recording made on a separate PC with recording/streaming softvare like the OBS? Or both?

Different volumes on things? Just adjust the gains on each channel to suit.

Firmware? Definitely put in the firmware as the last firmware update for the 8000 sorted out a lot of things. The 8000 is unlikely to benefit from any new prime firmware or software.

What firmware you have? From 2.0 it’s has beatgrids when used in standalone mode and with tracks prepared throught Engine Prime and not old Engine 1.5.2, that is big.

Also, new volume adjustment features for mic and audio output through usb interface (streaming/recording)

Hi - Thanks for the response. Apologies for any confusion. Ignore the OBS statement. In general (ie without OBS/streaming) the volume of channel 1&2 (standalone usb) is lower that the volume of a record I am playing. My answer was to trun the gain up on 1&2 to make it level. I’m not a big fan of doing that. Just wondered if it was an issue other people had had and what could be done to fix it (if anything). Cheers, AB

But that is why this knob exists - to use it in the way to match gain of each input, as all devices plugged in to a mixer can have different volume. Gain knob is to compensate for that.