VL12 Tonearm Cueing Problem

I bought my VL12 when it was first introduced and have had cueing problems with it since day one. It’s been performing the usual hard drop on my vinyl. Since then, I have just been manually setting the needle on the record. I am not using as a DJ turntable but for home audio use. I finally grew tired of this problem and added some damping fluid. Prior to that, the cueing lever would lift the tonearm off the rest at proper height. After adding the fluid, the tonearm would not lift at all. I took it apart again and cleaned out the fluid I added. The internal piston did lift again but when I reassembled it, there was no height in the lift again. I searched the interwebs and really found nothing on this specific turntable. I did watch a video on a fix for one of the Audio Technica turntables. It looked like there was a small spring in the piston chamber surrounding the screw post. I don’t remember a spring when I disassembled. Is there supposed to be one? Not sure what my next method of attack would be at this point. Any ideas? Thanks