VL12 Prime turntable review

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Here is a awesome review of the VL12 Prime turntable by DJ Blaze from DJbooth.net.

The VL12 Prime should be widely available in the UK & EU by the end of January. Let us know what you think!


It looks great, can’t wait to try it out!

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Less corporate review :

Here a review and by Mojaxx the only person in my option to listen to and why I purchased my turntables and this guy is correct these are a very nice turntable, I have a good fews hours mixing with these now and they are good to go. :sunglasses:

Here is another positive review

Do you dispute anything in this video?

I personally think this technician has raised a issue with the dead zone what really not a issue. I will give your example of what I mean a guy buys these turntable he read this review he was perfectly happy with his turntable until he read this reviews he sends them back. That is insane.

This is one guy opioion and you get this all over the internet technics heads hating on every turntable ever released. Like he said the start and stop button it plastic the black bit on it is metal he was looking for things to slate this off aginst his technics.

I know this about people who own technics and totally ignored this video and half the stuff he has raised it not even wrong with mine

I own 5 Numark TT-200s and 8 ABS plastic Super OEM Hanpins. I don’t own technics but I wouldn’t tolerate such an oversight, either… even after they’ve fixed the motor firmware, platter wobble, and tonearms. A lot of other people share my opinion on this and no other DJ TT has ever been done like this for a very good reason. It’s not surprising to me you can’t find one on-the-take “pro” DJ equipment reviewer or vendor siding with me; that’s par-the-course.

I know for fact that moxexx does not just give postive reviews he gave the new Stantons mr2 a bad review and he has gave some of the older technic bad reviews

I was going to buy the new Stantons but his bad review put me off. So I bought these instead. Every turntable that is new most of them have some kind of manufacture defects going on the pioneer plx1000 has some issue with the tone arm the stantons have a issue with the counter weight on the back and the technics have a issue with the platter

Please link. I’d like to see these on-the-take reviewers making ad money off negative reviews of products companies send them. I think that’d be good for their little “industry” they’ve developed for themselves and good for consumers.

The stantons review was done on someone’s mobile phone he was just a normal guy The technics review was done by a technicsion on you tube The tonarm issues was raised by a guy on a forum for the plx 1000

Most of the newly released turntables have some kind of issue that’s what am getting at all have some kind of issue.

I thought you meant Mojaxx did those.

As for the Technics stuff, I assume you’re talking about technicians dissing the new ones as not being as good as the old ones… kind of a different subject we’re talking about here. New Technics are not built like old ones… though the super expensive audiophile ones are next-level stuff in some ways.

PLX all have similar issues to all Super OEMs like slightly under-tightened bearings.

I had one of the pro review sites take some of the ideas I’d developed on one product and pass them off as their own thing they’d “discovered”. Hilarious. They’d never mentioned that feature for any other version of this product from any branding that had the same issue, and now like a week or two later after I’m going on about it on the net they update their review to cover it.


Here is another review I found by Niro you will have to scroll right down to the bottom of the thread to fine her post as this is a old thread now, she is a professional DJ and totally love these turntables, as am not a professional DJ am not sure what am saying is carrying much weight as am not a professional DJ. She has 1210’s as will and said this is the first pair of turntables she has got excited about in a very long time.

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