VL12 pitch fader dead zones

I read somewhere that the VL12 has 3 deadzones on the pitchfader - around 0, at the top and at the bottom of the range, reducing the pitch bending spread by around 25% - is this correct? For example, if I was mixing around the zero mark, having the pitch at +1, 0 and -1 will have no affect whatsoever. Is this the case?

Hi @subwax, I’ve not heard of this before but our tech team will be looking into it. In the meantime, I’d take what’s posted online with a pinch of salt :slight_smile:

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Most definately !

I don’t do vinyl no more but I’ll played on the VL12 and it’s got an extended zero zone - it sure makes hitting zero pitch a ■■■■ sight easier than other turntables, where seeing the little light come on is your only way of knowing if you’re really at exact zero

It makes beat matching far more difficult though - I have never had the need to go to zero.

In fact - dont the decks have a reset button that takes you to zero?

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@subwax, yes they do indeed have a RESET 0 button.

Then why have so many dead zones? I am struggling to make sense of it, to be honest.

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Here’s where I saw it.

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Which the VL12 doesn’t even do and is desirable even on models with tiny center deadzones. So the deadzones are huge in the middle and on the ends of the VL12, and if you’re in the middle the light doesn’t come on simply due to position. The light only comes on if you turn on Quartz Lock.

Heard before? How can you say that you have to hear about a possible issue with your own company hardware, when, in fact, you have to know very well all the inside and outside of your own product…That is, if it is your own product indeed and not manufactured by some third-party turntable company, emulating what is the best for many years. To be able to give a pertinent and well documented response, you have to make your own in house tests on a batch of exemplaries if the same product, looking for consistencies and inconsistencies at the same time, before putting the product on the market. The tech team should have looked and Investigate for possible issues well before releasing the product to the world.

This was posted 86 days ago on this forum.

Hi @subwax, I’ve reviewed with the product team and they can confirmed the 3 dead zones on the pitch fader which were put in by design to allow for DJs to return to 0 quickly and accurately.

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That makes no sense at all. Someone slap 'em up side the head or something for that one.

  1. It doesn’t explain the deadzones on the ends.

  2. If you want to return to zero quickly, you hit quartz lock, you don’t enlarge the center deadzone.

  3. Regardless of how large the center deadzone is, the center LED needs to activate when you’re in the center deadzone, not just when the quartz lock is on, otherwise you have no idea you’re even in the center deadzone. If you’re outside the center deadzone and you turn quartz lock on, that should also activate the LED… which it currently doesn’t even. Use the center LED as a “zero pitch” indicator.

Between all this, the antiskate issues people have reported, the motor fighting platter drags and nudges, and W&F issues (many threads on this subforum on all these), I think you guys need to entertain a version 2 of this deck… or some kind of repair program like was done on the Twelve.

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Thanks for checking, Jay.

Thats really disappointing to hear, to be honest, and I’ll have to find another deck, as I cannot accept a reduction of 25% of pitch bend for a feature I will never need or use (or understand, to be absolutely honest). Reticuli makes a good point - the explanation provided does not deal with the dead zones are either end, only the one in the centre. It has to be a manufacturing error, as it surely could not have been designed this way.

I agree - a V2 is needed here, without these useless dead spots.

Woah! That is a terrible design flaw. This is what Quartz Lock is for. I was waiting until I came across a set of VL12’s to test before buying. Now, I’m not even going to do that. Glad I never purchased them off the cuff.

I doubt many companies are going to try anything special in terms of vinyl turntables in 2020.

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Has their been a sudden drop in TT usage in the last 2.5 years?

Not that I’ve seen. I actually got my Technics MK7 order delayed again, not because of a shipment issue, but due to being so far back in the line on pre-orders. Also, everytime I sell a turntable online, it moves within a week. CDJ’s and controllers can take 3-4 weeks+.

Agree with all others… WHY seriously :frowning: in the beginning I was planned to buy the VL12 but this is a major issue in my opinion and understand why Technics are still the king of DJ turntable

I have not found the dead zone a issue, if you look at the side of the platter the lines on the top of the platter stay perfectly still when you are in the dead zone. when you come out of the dead zone they start moving. For beat matching I have had no issue and if your mixing house they are just perfect and I owned some Stanton’s straight 150’s before these and the V12 is defiantly more accurate and than the Stanton The guy in the youtube video you posted saying the platter wobbles mine is perfect on my Denon V12 and he claims the start button is plastic the black bit is metal, do you know how i know this? Because it is cold. And the sound quality on these thing is amazing best ever sounding turntable I have ever heard. I have owned Technic’s 1210’s Numark tt pro’s and the sound quality is better than both of them.

I personally ignored that review and went and purchased them anyway their are plenty’s of good reviews to suggest these are a solid turntable, I went by the majority of the reviews and not just by what one guy was saying. Their are 4 good reviews against his one and so many happy customer reviews.

Are you saying your pitch faders do not have the big deadzones in the middle and the ends of the travel (not to mention that the LED doesn’t come on when you’re in the middle like every other DJ turntable I’ve ever used) or are you saying they have the big deadzones but you just aren’t bothered by them?