VL12 discontinued?

Major European retailers display the VL12 as “sold out”.

Will there be an improved successor?

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I know someone who works at a massive musical instrument and DJ stock warehouse and he’s said that turntable sales have been bottoming out since free end of summer.

One opinion is that technics insanely high pricing, coupled with people still saying “if you want the best then only get technics” , then people seeing that they can’t easily afford technics makes their desire to buy a pair of vinyl players cool instantly to ice - no-one wants “almost first”. The result seems to be that the return of vinyl has got a nasty scratch in it and cobwebs on the stylus.

My own opinion is that technics have been outshone over the years by other decks being better at some of the things that are important, but nothing out there is a clear leader anymore. Even the cheaper direct drives aren’t cheap, especially if it’s only going to play DVS vinyl and all the gripes of DVS set up like calibration, relative, absolute, losing two mixer channels (sometimes), phono level or line levels and more

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I have a JVC QL-F6 from 1978 and it’s the bomb!

It weighs a ton, has variable speed (even back then) and never ever skips.

I’m not a fan of these new turntables, and we all know the flaw with the VL12. I think Denon lost their reputation on that unit as it doesn’t have good real use reviews at all unfortunately.

I have a friend who refurbishes Technics to new and resells them (for the price of a small car). He had a set of SL1200mk2 for sale this week and I thought about it, but if I bought them it would be for romantic reasons rather than practical ones.

Very few people actually mix vinyl any more, so for me it makes more sense just to have a classic well built turntable to play my records on.

Hit the nail on the head. Its cheaper to buy a short run of ten hanpins directly from Hanpin than to buy 4 rebranded Hanpins now.

Very true yes.

But if someone doesn’t want it then even cheap is too expensive