Visual Marker

Is there a feature where the visual marker goes to the 12 o clock position when the hot cue is pressed on the Prime 4? This would be a great feature

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If you have searched the feature request area and its not requested, go ahead and make one

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I didn’t understand which visual maker you are referring to.

I was referring to the marker inside of the jog wheel. For example if you’re beat juggling. It would be nice to have that marker set into the 12 o clock position inside the jog wheel

Ahhhhh OK :+1:

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but only for a visual question or also for another reason?

I also would preffer, if we could set the visual marker to “vocal cuts/samples” by ourself … so the shout ist right at 12" position. and that you have also a second marker, which moves as the track plays. and when then 2 markers are exactly at 12" then you are at your setted sample start again. so you could with the second marker scratch double-time, while you can allways go to the 12" position where you sample starts.

yea, i like the visual marker idea, to be setted at 12" clock.

And a permament cue marker, like on the CDJs ever since the first 1000. Part of generally improved jog display request in another thread.