Virtual DJ Compatibility

how will virtual dj work with the prime 4 in HID mode or like a controller software


Like any other midi controller. Nothing different.

Recent releases of models from Denon have initially prevented midi connection, either for the first year or two while the standalone models sell for what they’re intended to be used for, or for longer.

On some models very very simple midi functions like play, faders, stop and all that work on midi but not the touch displays, writing midi info to model screen etc

Midi might not come at all for future standalones

Hi @emanstatement, thanks for your question. We do not have precise information to share on Virtual DJ’s Controller mode at this time, other than the fact that a midi map will be available in the future. Stay in touch here on the forums, any and all updated information will be here when it’s available.


@emanstatement Just out of curiosity, how would you want to use both Virtual DJ and Prime 4 together?

Note to the usual suspects: I asked “how” and not “why” - I’m legit interested in how people envision using one thing with a different thing (especially when the two things in question trigger internet forum questions like “OMG why would you ever want to use the one thing with a different thing?!?!”).

Some people might want to use it as a 4 deck midi controller and ignore the Prime functionality altogether.

HID with the Prime stuff and VDJ 7 and 8, as you can do with the DN-HS5500. VDJ has the best browser filter options in the business and is useful for building special set lists. If Engine Prime ever gets that track offload function over Ethernet from a computer and browsing filters that good, then I wouldn’t bother with VDJ even in most of those special set prep situations.

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Das probiere ich später einmal aus, mal sehen ob das funktioniert.

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Funktioniert! :grin:

What works? Faders? Gains? Centre jog platter displays?, main display?, touch screen? Onscreen keyboard ? muktigesture ?

, main display, touch screen Onscreen keyboard muktigesture = No , Faders Gains, Centre jog platter = Yes

Is only Midicontrolling

All no? Or just no multigesture?

, No > main display, No > touch screen; No > Onscreen keyboard; No > muktigesture

So no chance of hiding the ridicule-inducing laptop under the DJ booth yet then, if still hanging onto virtual dj. Shame

Ist ja schon mal was… Vielleicht kommt mal ein pfiffiger Entwickler der das hin bekommt. Zumindest die Anzeige der Player und der Playliste so wie bei Serato.

Apparently the Prime 4 does not allow seamless switching between MIDI and standalone like the MCX8000 and takes 15 to 30 seconds to change over.

I hope that’s not true!

I do this already but with serato

I have a mini-mixer with usb sound input to the mini mixer sound card, and have the outputs from the prime4 to go into different inputs on the mini-mixer. It’s only the mini mixer outputs which connect to my main speakers. I then just play another source (iPod/iPad)when switching between serato and prime4 stand alone.

However I am finding I’m spending less and less time on serato and more and more time in stand alone month by month anyway.

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I would agree that such a switchover should be seamless now in 2019 although I think this might be only an issue if the internal drive is used as we know that the internal drive has to be switched into one mode to be accessed by a donating laptop of files but has to be in another mode to be played from by the prime 4.

Maybe there is seemless switchover if only external usb drives are used. Or maybe if serato laptop and prime 4 have their own different usb music drives.

Don’t know if virtual dj laptop would be as quick or seemless as I dont have virtual dj and I don’t know any dj friends who would use virtual either.

Well on MCX8000 it’s a flick of a switch between standalone and VDJ. They both sound the same too. You can even have one channel purely standalone and the other VDJ and instantly swap between them.

Really surprised a newer controller wouldn’t be able to do this as well but the source implementation may be different.