Virtual dj and sc5000m

Does anybody know if there is any mapped files for this player and how to use this with virtual dj

Not possible yet. The SC5000 support with screens is coming soon but Atomix said the M will be some point in the future because of the different architecture surrounding the motorised platters.

There is already a release for the SC5000 for VDJ however it does not have the screens working yet and is only available for people with a Pro license.

No there is not for 5000m. There is for 5000. Very different.

I never said there was a release for the 5000m i only said the 5000 and yes i know the post was related to the M.

IMO the units are not ‘very different’ - one has a motorised jog wheel the other doesn’t.

Perhaps a glimmer of hope for those that want to use something other that Serato, personally i would love to be able to use Traktor DJ!

ANY news on this yet?? Really don’t like Serato :frowning:

I’d ask again after covid.

DJ programs and motorised platters are not the best of friends. It won’t be a quick and easy fix, not particularly accurate once out.