Virtual DJ 8 Won't Recognize the Controller

Hey everyone! Has anyone figured out how to achieve Virtual Dj 8 working with the MCX8000? I download the proscribed driver for my windows 10 laptop that runs VDJ7 with my MC6000 just fine. However, I cannot get VDJ8 to see or run my new MCX8000.

Make sure you have the latest version of VDJ8 and it does just work. I have had ir running on 2 Windows PC’s and a Mac, all running VDJ8 (latest) and then installing the windows drives (Mac just works).

Really, I’ve just got mine out of its box to play with, followed the instructions as per Denon and VDJ, Latest driver and firmware along with VDJ 8 (the latest version) DOES NOT WORK

Midi can be blocked by webcams - uninstall webcam if fitted in the laptop

uninstall webcam or disable coz if I remember from windows, it will always try to reinstall on startup.